SN Datasheet, SN Texas Instruments Dual Peripheral NAND Driver Datasheet, buy The DS DS DS DS DS DS and DS DS are dual peripheral AND. NAND OR and NOR drivers respectively. The DS, DS and DS are dual peripheral Top View. Order Number DSM or DSN .. This datasheet has been download from.

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Spring Semester, Monday — Friday: Datazheet ECE Store provides many services to electrical and computer engineering students in order to create a safe environment in which students have access to the equipment and parts they need.

Life support devices or systems are devices or systems which, a are intended for surgical implant into the body, or b support or sustain life, and whose failure to perform when datasheef used in accordance with instructions for use provided in the labeling, can be reasonably expected to result in a significant injury to the user.

Each input is tested separately. Welcome to the ECE Store. Typical applications include high speed logic buffers, power drivers, relay drivers, lamp drivers, MOS drivers, bus drivers and memory drivers.

National Semiconductor – datasheet pdf

Search the directory for faculty or staff members. This datasheet has been download from: Typical applications include high-speed logic buffers, power drivers, relay drivers, lamp drivers, MOS drivers, line drivers, and memory drivers. All currents into device pins shown as positive, out of device pins as negative, all voltages referenced to ground unless otherwise noted. National Semiconductor Corporation Americas Email: The voltage between two emitters of a multiple-emitter transistor.


This family is functionally interchangeable with and replaces the SN family and the SNA family devices manufactured previously. When testing DS input not under test is grounded. All values shown as max or min on absolute value basis. DS DS Resistor values shown are nominal. You can also see open positions in the department.

Diode-clamped inputs simplify circuit design.

Voltage values are with respect to network ground terminal unless otherwise specified. The speed of the devices is equal to that of the SN family, and the parts are designed to ensure freedom from latch-up. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

National Semiconductor

For details on these services, please click the appropriate link from the menu on the left. This is the voltage between two emitters of a multiple-emitter transistor. Recherche sur le site.

For all other circuits it is at 4.

To see a list of open positions, click here. This value applies when the base-emitter resistance RBE is equal to or less than Pin numbers shown are for the D, JG, and P packages.


The The pulse generator has the following characteristics: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. DS Low output occurs only when inputs are low simultaneously.

In addition to supporting the various labs in the EL building, we also provide equipment and datasheef check-out and 75542 wide range of electronic components for sale.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Facilities Lab Research in the department is conducted in a variety of laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, with research funding coming from federal, state, and private sources. A critical component is any component of a life support device or system whose failure to perform can be reasonably expected to cause the failure of the life support device or system, or to affect its safety or effectiveness.

Switching Times of Complete Drivers www.

Datasheet(PDF) – TI store

Open Positions To see a list of open positions, click here. Engineering Program is accredited by: Our People Datashete the directory for faculty or staff members. High level output current High-level Input current at maximum input voltage High-level input current Low-level input current Supply current, outputs high.

CL includes probe and jig capacitance.