Feodor Dostoievski – Adolescentul. 2 likes. Book. Feodor Dostoievski – Adolescentul. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. 7hsEfaca – Read/download Dostoievski’s book Adolescentul in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Get free Adolescentul book by Dostoievski. Dostoievski zugraveste cu o maiestrie inegalabila adolescenta ca Diferit ca ton de celelalte capodopere ale scriitorului romanul Adolescentul.

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This article about a philosophical novel of the s is a stub. We spent part of the intervening summer together, corresponding the rest of the time. The parts with Arkady and his grandfather are especially memorable.

An Anthology by Helen Bianchin. I love all of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s books; and I’ve read everything that he wrote except for one or two of the page-length stories.

The Raw Youth – Wikipedia

Do they spend hours and hours doing what almost all of us do? Separately from all the intrigues, it treats of the beautiful everyday life of the young man, with the same stream of consciousness that we love and cherish. Epic Fantasy Series by Glenn G. Crime and Punishmentthe story of Rodya Raskolnikov, who kills two old women in the belief that he is beyond the bounds of good and evil; The Idiotsthe story of an epileptic who tragically affects the lives of those around him; The Possessedthe story of the effect of revolutionary thought on the members of one Russian community; A Raw Youthwhich focuses on the disintegration and decay of family relationships and life; and The Brothers Karamazovwhich centers on the murder of Fyodor Karamazov and the effect the murder has on each of his four sons.


This novel does not have the grand setting like ‘Brothers Karamazov’ nor d 4. Overall, I feel that this novel was perhaps Dostoevsky’s most difficult, as this particular type was almost beyond his understanding.

View all 3 comments. What can I say about his understanding of human mind that haven’t been said before?

Chronicles of the Host, Book 2 by D. I’m not speaking of his mental development, but of his character, of the whole man.

The Adolescent

Vol 5 by Collin Earl. Richard Pevear and Larisa Volkhonsky are really at the top of their game here, too. The Adolescent by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. His ambition, over-confidence, and firmness in principle are so spot-on. Dostoievski zugraveste cu o maiestrie inegalabila adolescenta ca pe o stare de nesiguranta ignoranta si nedesavarsire dar si de bogatie si exuberanta in care totul este posibil. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In Demonsnihilists are the easily-swayed boys who reject the frying pan For adolesdentul, The Adolescent fell short of the brilliance Dostoevsky displayed in other novels.

View all 8 comments. Lots of details that are repetitive and downright boring. Book 1 by Harper Lee.

See all 4 questions about The Adolescent…. Volume 1 by Frank Herbert. He was arrested in and sentenced to death, commuted to imprisonment in Siberia.


Bores me to death. We spent part of the adolesceentul summer together, corresponding the rest of the Towards the very end of college I became involved with Janny, a precocious first year student.

Our protagonist is Arkady Dolroguky, a nineteen-year-old, and the illegitimate son of a landowner and a maid. It is worth mentioning that The Adolescent begins in much the same way as Alma’s other publications, with a series of sketches and photographs about the author and his circle, and a useful list of the extensive cast of characters.

The sense of distance between Arkady and his father is the basis of the nothingness of the novel. The Adolescent, like much of Dostoevsky’s work, is about the conflict of generations and of values. Legends of Ollanhar by Robert E.

A Novel by Ray Bradbury. There are more than one “underground” types in the novel the dadaisand even Arkady vacillates into this type from time to time. In addition to my own, more pedestrian academic and personal pursuits I made a project out of coming to grips with her thought-world.

There are a number of great scenes in this book, and wonderful portrayals of humans — as is to be expected in Dostoevsky.