The Arizona Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document that transfers You will be required to go to your local Arizona MVD Office to initially register your. The Authorized Third Party (ATPs) MVD would like to provide you with Title and Registration Application (Single) · Identification Requirements · Bill of Sale. Create or download a free printable Arizona Bill of Sale Form with the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

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To learn how and where to get the form, continue reading the sections below.

The buyer must be able to drive the vehicle to finish this transaction. Get your Bill of Sale today. Requests should be made as early as possible to ensure the State has an opportunity to address the accommodation. Additionally, requests mailed by the AZ DMV may be lost in transit, causing further delays and inconvenience.

Auto Bill of Sale. Seller Protection As the seller, you need protection from liability for anything the buyer or anyone else does with the vehicle after you sell it. The AZ MVD provides a sold notice for liability purposes see belowbut a bill of sale lets you access important information like:. Required Steps After Purchase A sold notice must be submitted to ServiceArizonaa service provider that partners with the state, within 10 bil of transferring, selling, or ending a lease agreement for a arizonq.

Though a bill of sale is not a legal requirement in Arizona, it is a good sae for an individual to create and keep one. After the request is processed, a bill of sale form will then be mailed to the address you provided.

Also, it is advised that buyers and sellers keep copies of their identifications for their own protections.


Arizona Boat Bill of Sale Regardless of size, type, or construction, all motorboats, including inflatable rafts, sail boats, and canoes that have electric motors, must be registered in Arizona. You can also get an Arizona bill of arizonq online by clicking here.

Arizona Bill of Sale Forms

Arizona motor vehicle department offices also offer Bill of Sale forms in various locations throughout the state. This notice may help protect you from liability if the vehicle is: See Emissions Testing History. Autonomous Ot Notification and Certification. The car bill of sale contains two sections of information necessary for the buying and selling process. To transfer the title and register the vehicle, a buyer must visit an Arizona MVD location or an authorized third party.

Arizona adizona lax gun laws and there is no requirement for the buyer to obtain any type of licensing or permit s to carry a concealed weapon. An Arizona bill of sale is an essential document when it comes to finalizing the sale of a vehicle between two parties. Arizona accepts a sold notice or bill of sale as a form of proof of ownership when a vehicle is abandoned.

However, processing and delivery times can often cause delays, making the by-mail option the least effective if you need your documentation as soon as possible. The only reason nvd individual may Apply for a concealed weapons permit is to operate it in a Reciprocal Salr. Sellers should fill out a bill of sale template when selling their vehicles to ,vd that they are not liable for any violations that occur after the vehicle has been sold.

Generic Bill of Sale If you have trouble downloading AZ’s bill of sale, or simply want a more robust document, please see our easy, printable bill of sale form. Disclosures and mechanical defects are other important details that should be included in a bill of sale. As the seller, you need protection from liability for anything the buyer or anyone else does with the vehicle after you sell it.


Typically, a bill of sale arkzona pertinent information, such as the name, address, and phone number of the buyer and seller, when and where the purchase occurred, and the amount that was paid for the vehicle. After completing the Arizona bill of sale agreement, the motor vehicle sellers aruzona to submit it to the AZ MVD as part of the title change procedure. Both the buyer and seller should each have a copy as a receipt of the ownership transfer.

If AZ doesn’t require a bill of sale and the sold notice tells the MVD you’ve sold your vehicle, why salr you bother with a bill of sale? Thank you for using DMV. Though a bill of sale is not a legal requirement in Arizona, creating and maintaining one has its benefits.

Tests, Manuals and Driving Schools. As such, you do have the option of picking up an application from your local office. After the form is filled-in and signed it should be kept in a safe and accessible place for both parties. A bill of sale is mvs required to sell or transfer a firearm in Arizona. Arizona requires a bill of sale to register new and used watercraft.

Selling Your Vehicle

After the bill of sale has been signed and the buyer has completed the terms of the agreement, all items should be exchanged between the parties. This is a free service. Download Your Free Template.