ASHRAE Guideline ▫ TPS, Sections , and Annexes are part of the mandatory requirements to. “state” that you are complying with. Guideline . This technical guideline was put together by technical committees at ASHRAE. construction are defined by ASHRAE Guideline shown as follows. Re- Commissioning Process:“An application of the. Commissioning.

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The meeting dates and times should be known a minimum of two weeks in advance and should be coordinated with other meetings to minimize travel time and costs for various attendees. Complete the Construction Checklists as the work is accomplished.

The following systems and assemblies are the focus of the Commissioning Process: The requirements for a successful Commissioning Process Report are described in Section 7. This includes checklists for general verification, plus testing, training, and other specific requirements.

This can be accomplished by randomly selecting a starting point and selecting every tenth item from a list or by automatically generating a random sample from a computerized database.

This guideline describes the Commissioning Process; the responsibilities of Commissioning Team participants; the role of the Commissioning Authority; and a model framework for developing a Commissioning Plan, specifications, and reports.

List of specific items for the site visit procedures. Due to the integration and interdependency of facility systems, a performance deficiency in one system can result in less than optimal performance by other systems.

The Owner accepts the final Systems Manual based upon the recommendation of the Commissioning Authority. Implement the training program as detailed in the Contract Documents.

The following is an example outline for a Commissioning Plan. Practitioners applying the Commissioning Process should carefully follow Guideline 0 and applicable commissioning technical guidelines tailored to their specific projects. Commissioning Process Progress Report: This may include testing soils, evaluating or checking existing conditions, surveying, or gukdeline requirements during Design. Usually incorporated into the Commissioning Plan as an ongoing appendix.

Guidepine days prior to the first training session, the Contractor submits the final Systems Manual to the Owner, Commissioning Authority, and design professionals.


Review and approve the Construction Documents. Quinn Hart Keshwar B. Provide each question or open concept to each individual participating in the workshop. In speculatively built buildings, this 0-205 would detail the limits to which occupants can make use of their spaces. In addition, as much Basis of Design information should be included in the Contract Documents as possible.

Execution of some tests may be deferred until appropriate natural loads, such as occupancy or design weather conditions, are available.

Commissioning Essentials

It is organized around and focuses upon assemblies and systems that have been identified as targets of the Commissioning Process. Commissioning Team responsibilities should be consistent with the agreements between parties involved in the project — and such agreements must clearly address Commissioning Process responsibilities.

If the 00-2005 adopts the Commissioning Process after project inception, then the tasks shown are still accomplished in whatever phase the Commissioning Process commences. This is essential to ensure that issues, benefits, and recommendations are captured in a written document while all team members are available and information is fresh.

The Commissioning Authority directs the completion of seasonal system and assembly testing by the Contractor and documents the results. The Systems Manual is delivered during this phase and training is provided. Include definitions that are unique to the technical guideline.

The general process for accepting the seasonal test results is: Develop requirements for the Systems Manual, such as parts lists, troubleshooting needs, operations and maintenance requirements, system description, level at which each set of material needs to be written for clear understanding.

The Commissioning Team composition must be based upon the scope of the Commissioning Process services established for the project. ASHRAE Guidelines are developed under a review process, identifying a guideline for the design, testing, application, or evaluation of a specific product, concept, or practice. Design Team may not be hired yet. Insert systems descriptions as provided by the design professional s in the Systems Manual.

The relationship of this guideline to other technical commissioning guidelines is shown below.

Commissioning Essentials

This Guideline, also available in Spanishdescribes the Commissioning Process capable of verifying that a gguideline and its systems meet the Owner’s Project Requirements. The recommended procedure has the following general steps: Develop needs for tests and tests that need to be performed. The cost of the Commissioning Process should be considered as a part of the project budget. The Commissioning Authority can assist the Owner in identifying and selecting these initial Commissioning Team members.


In referring to this Standard or Guideline and in marking of equipment and in advertising, no claim shall be made, either stated or implied, that the product has been approved by ASHRAE. The results from each activity are then included in an appendix. The Contractor submits copies of all training materials and edited videotapes of the sessions. This guideline does not specifically address retro-commissioning. Validates competency to lead, plan, coordinate and manage a commissioning team to implement guideliine processes in new and existing buildings.

Recommend acceptance of the individual systems and assemblies to the owner in accord with the defined project requirements.

ASHRAE Guideline —The Commissioning Process_图文_百度文库

Submittal of the draft Commissioning Process Report to other Commissioning Team members may also be appropriate.

Contract Documents frequently include price agreements, construction management process, subcontractor agreements or requirements, requirements and procedures for submittals, changes, and other construction requirements, timeline for completion, and the Construction Documents. Reduce energy use and save money with Building EQ, guidelinee tool for understanding a building’s energy use and identifying opportunities to reduce costs.

Provide qualified personnel for videotaping and editing of training sessions. This guideline is under continuous gukdeline by a Standing Standard Project Committee SSPC for which the Standards Committee has established a documented program for regular ghideline of addenda or revisions, including procedures for timely, documented, consensus action on requests for change to any part of the guideline.