citizen-eate-watch-setting There may be circumstances however for which you need to manually set the time and date such as after an ALL. Citizen ATE Watches Watches download pdf instruction manual and user guide. I just got my Citizen Eco-Drive ATE from Amazon yesterday and That is , I send a manual radio synchronization request signal from.

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October 5th, 1. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. October 5th, 7.

citizen-eate-watch-setting |

The time maunal is Check the manual to find out which portion of the dial is near the antenna. This is also the time where my watch is set after a time update. Both nights now I’ve put the watch’s 6 o clock side facing outside towards a west facing window. Today almost all electronic items use noisy, switching power supplies.

Otherwise, the time displayed will not be correct for all zones. Results 1 to 10 of The second hand will rotate to the October 5th, 3. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. It won’t sync every night and rarely during the manuall.

October 5th, 8. Hour, Minute, Second and hour: When you reach Point 8. Help Forgot your password?

Every time after time is updated via the radio signal manyal, the time 1 or 2 hours behind. Last edited by GaryK30; October 5th, at October 5th, 9. If you are having difficulty receiving radio reception and are in one of the radio controlled zones featured on this timepiece, try a different location such as by a window that is facing your nearest radio transmission tower as indicated in your instruction manual.


Rotate the at400851e in either direction so that the multi-function hand points straight down 6: The update process can take up to 15 minutes to complete, depending on signal strength.


Your new watch is not designed for use in Europe because as you have already noticed the only city available is London. If so and the wrong city is selected the manaul will tell you fibs.

Radio sync works best during nighttime. Press and hold the lower right button A for approximately 2 seconds and release. The second hand will rotate to the current month of year and leap year position set in memory. Hi Bart and welcome to the forum. This is helpful when changing time zones before the automatic update or if an automatic update was not successful.

At44008-51e trick is widely used in my country on the watches using that movement. Rotate the crown in either direction to set the current time in the radio controlled zone chosen. The time now is Originally Posted by ahmadka.

Please share your blessings Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. May Leap Year 1 year past leap year 2 year past leap year 3 year past leap year For further instructions and details of the many additional features of the Perpetual Chronograph AT, please refer to your owners manual or the technical support section our web site at www.


The set went well, date, leap-year, etc. The correct zero positions are: August 2nd, 3. Sticky, what’s the windowsill method?

I live in the Netherlands, nearby London. Once you’ve done as GaryK suggests re the antenna try requesting a manual update outside. After the update process is complete successful or failedthe watch will return to normal operation.

February 14th, It will pick it up, just make sure you leave the watch by a wind with good view of the sky overnight, it can taken several nights for it to pick it up, this I found out with my Radio controlled G Shock. Probably it’s just weak signal strength, which varies from day to day, but it’s also possible that there is too much electrical noise RFI in the location where you’re trying to sync the watch.

Help Forgot your password? Yup good advice here, leave it near a west-facing window all night. For in-depth instructions on the radio reception feature, please refer to your owners guide. Originally Posted by Kilovolt. April 6th, With my AT it’s the 9 o’clock part of the dial.