The Basement Bugger’s Bible. Many of you out there LOVE to tinker with electronics projects; I know I do. Many of us are also security minded, so if you like. Find great deals for Basement Bugger’s Bible: The Professional’s Guide to Creating, Building, and Planting Custom Bugs and Wiretaps by Shifty Bugman ( The Basement Bugger’s Bible by Shifty Bugman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Closed cylinders exhibit one peak; irregular cavities can give multiple peaks that tend to be weaker than the single cylinder peak.

The Basement Bugger’s Bible

They must grow to several hundred millivolts to become useful, but because turning up the gain means turning up the noise, audio amplification in bugyers gear must take noise into account. High performance is so readily achieved with cheap solid state amps that the number of bands has no practical limit.

If device will be used without an oscilloscope, label key frequency points in Hz intervals on dial. Wall warts come in AC and DC types.

Bare PVDF sheets make poor mics. D Method of wiring stereo jack to drive stereo phones in parallel mono mode. Dynamic speakers and dynamic mics share this operating principle.


Lots of pictures, circuits, schematics and diagrams. Bugging gear has simpler needs.

Diaphragmatic movement causes a drain current to flow through a DC-biased external resistor. The curve will typify a real-world load enough to be useful.

Edmund Scientific sells 12″, 18″, and 24″ aluminum pieces that should be blackened or grayed for covert work. Thus, as audio output rises, the charge pump generates an increasingly negative potential coupled to gate of Q 1 through R4. They cap the aperture of an RCM with a very thin, compliant membrane. Vuggers sometimes demands a load greater than 8 ohms for stability.

Each stage is supplied off the end of a lowpass filter, better isolating it from the supply bus. Mouser is the chief source of raw dynamic mic capsules; dynamic speakers are available through many outlets Diagram shows operating principle of dynamic mics and dynamic loudspeakers. Output sampled by two comparators, one biased at 1 1.

Bookie Chapter Human hearing inured itself to this rumble. The output stage is unique among small audio drivers, consisting of a pair of power op amps in bridge-tied load BTL configuration. The LM12 comes in a TO-3 case and demands a substantial heatsink.

Full text of “The Basement Buggers Bible”

Some op amps come in series whose part numbers share buggres common prefix, coupled with a final digit to distinguish single, dual, or quad.

D Zener diodes in series give clip level roughly twice zener voltage plus one silicon diode drop Many other means exist to implement diode clip-limiting. Circuits with 60 dB of gain present at least the potential for instability. C Ratio of collector impedance to emitter impedance approximates gain of common-emitter amp.


The Basement Buggers Bible

Their negligible impedance suits ultralow-noise applications; their limited response minimizes low-frequency ambient noise. The bugger can easily build a custom graphic EQ having any number of bands and centered on any frequencies desired. Play by the Rules 26l Chapter A The databook standard compressor configuration.

Horns commonly occur as miniature folded types meant for alarms or small PA systems. TO regulators generally support a top current of ma; TO types 0. Q I in resting state is biased ON by R3, making drain-source resistance minimum, enough to run at maximum gain. Micropower op amps are useful in sensor applications that generate only a DC output, such as comparators to sense a phone to be off the hook.

Reflectors Reflectors are best known as parabolic microphones that have graced the sidelines of every pro football game since platform soles.