Breakthrough! has ratings and 61 reviews. Jon Queijo is a medical journalist, and has the ability to take complex medical and scientific information and. Breakthrough!: How the 10 Greatest Discoveries in Medicine Saved Millions and Changed Our View of the World. by Jon Queijo. Publisher: PH Professional. In Breakthrough! How the 10 Greatest Discoveries in Medicine Saved Millions and Changed Our View of the World, Jon Queijo tells the hidden.

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Qheijo referenced the British Medical Journal poll, that asked readers to name the top 15 medical breakthroughs since the year BMJ started publishing. The Discovery of X-Rays 6.

To view it, click here. Hippocratis never considered pulse taking, and he considered the brain a gland. I’d love to see this used in high schools to inspire science and medical careers. Took me a bit to get through this. Our physical, emotional, relational, spiritual health all affects each other. How Cholera Saved Civilization: Some of them, such as the discovery of X-Rays, the discovery of vaccines, and the discovery of drugs for madness, Sadness, and Fear were particularly fascinating.

The Discovery of XRays.

Breakthrough! by Jon Queijo (ebook)

Sanitation ranks second behind the discovery of medicine Hippocrates was the first to use disciplined methods to treat the sick as the most important medical discovery. Why are you alive right now? These are life-and-death mysteries uncovered, tales of passionate, often-mocked breakthrouugh who stood their ground and were proven right.


I found myself highlighting much of each chapter as the facts were somehow apparent but surprising.

Description Why are you alive right now? The tales and victories are worth the read, but the author’s treatment of the material left me aggravated and disappointed. From germs to genetics, the ancient Hippocrates to the cutting edge, these are stories that have changed the world—and, quite likely, saved your life.

He integrates stories of the personal lives of patients and scientists into the text and shows the non that many of these new remedies faced and in some cases continue to face. That said, I’m not sure that homeopathy should have made its way into this book.

I really enjoyed learning about some of the medical breakthroughs and how they occurred. But “the rise of alternative medicine” did not seem like it belonged on the list.

Especially useful for general readers, it also will be applicable in undergraduate education across a surprising range of disciplines. The Discovery of Sanitation. Maybe it was vaccines. The development of anesthesia, for instance, is one I’ve heard before, and much better The story of Morton and the mad dash for credit, as told in the lecture series “Doctors: Oct 13, Patricia Hodge rated it liked it. However, there were some that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as a medical breakthrough, like sanitation.

From Ancient Molds to Modern Miracles: The Discovery of Antibiotics. The book is divided into ten chapters and epilogue. Dec 07, Cassy rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m pretty supportive of alternative medicine, especially when it comes to surgery and chemotherapy and cancer treatment. It’s like discovering the hot guy you’re in love with is gay. The Milestones, by Discovery. Sep 10, Terry Southard rated it liked it. Shame though, that a comment dead on is, that because of the growth in technology and new ways evolving in healthcare everyday, it takes away the personableness between patient and doctor.


These are life-and-death mysteries uncovered, tales of passionate, often-mocked individuals who stood their ground and were proven right. The Discovery of Vaccines 7.


Queijo explains every breakthrough clearly and simply, so readers can understand their immense importance even without any medical or scientific background. What about Imhotep of Ancient Egypt? A solid, albeit at some points workmanlike, tour through the top ten breakthroughs in medicine. I enjoyed the book and the content, it shows how we have come to be where we are in medicine and the steps we This was a well put together book that I felt was very informative but not to the point of it feeling like a text breakthough, which was very nice.

The Rediscovery of Alternative Medicine.