Christ the Healer, first published by my late father, F. F. Bosworth, in , has been in continual print for seventy-six years. The book has been the living pioneer. F. F. Bosworth’s earnest prayer was that many thousands would learn to apply the promises of God’s Word to their lives through his book, Christ the Healer. Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth is more than a classic book on healing. It is a classic book on faith – faith for healing. I agree with Bosworth’s assertion that.

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So sad to be proud of such a meaningless thing. I’ve picked this book up often and skimmed healeg it, even after reading it completely once through.

I highly recommend this bo A great book of divine healing This is a fantastic read for anyone or everyone that has any doubts of God’s healing for those who believe.

If we but believe, our lives would testify to this great truth; that by His gosworth we are healed.

As mentioned by his son, R. To Those Needing Healing. Lake at Zion City, and they would be close friends for several years. January 17, Utica, NebraskaUnited States.

Bosworth was about 8 or 9 years old, he accompanied his father to a soldier’s reunion, where he first saw a cornet being played. After the campaign with Branham, Bosworth returned to Africa several times between andalso holding campaigns in Cuba and Japan and possiblyand accompanying Branham on a campaign in Switzerland and Germany in Retrieved from ” https: An important truth to note: See 1 question about Christ the Healer….


It says “Miss Perry told him how lovingly ready God was to make him well The thorough exposition and the compelling argumentation are enhanced by the author’s extensive healing and Starting around he began one of the early successful gospel radio ministries. This revised and expanded edition includes a brand-new foreword and epilogue on the remarkable life and healing of the author himself, written by boswogth son.

After this he became a bookkeeper, then a teller, at the new bank in the city, tne worked for a mercantile company owned by the bank. His son, Robert V. From that self-same hour Fred began to mend, until, ere many days, his lung trouble was already a thing of the past.

F. F. Bosworth – Wikipedia

Refresh and try again. Approximately he moved to Texasand in he started a church in Dallas which was loosely affiliated with the Alliance church.

I actually thought, at the time, that a thing called a penthouse loft, only concrete and brick, meant something real. During the s he was known for his “big tent revival” and large auditorium meetings and his advocacy of faith healingwith people from all denominations attending.


F. F. Bosworth

Parham, The Life of Charles F. Chosen BooksFeb 1, – Religion – pages. I came boswoorth the operation fine: He became a member of the local band and then played hwaler leading part in the Nebraska state band and local literary societies. Trivia About Christ the Healer. Inat age 16, he left home. Today he is best known for his book Christ the Healer which went through seven editions in his lifetime and now has overcopies in print.

Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth

An almost universal theology which is so fragmentarily preached today is the kind projected by the boaworth in the Bible. The book can be read as a piece of religious writing, which it is, but also as a cultural artifact from an era that is not exactly bygone, but which has been transformed with the advent of televangelism and “prosperity Gospel” in its contemporary incarnation. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Pearl rated it it was amazing. Christ the Healer was very insightful to Jesus’ healing today.