Below are some common fault codes for Mitsubishi Ecodan and Daikin Altherma air to water heat pumps. If you need help interpreting the error code or fixing.

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Heat pump user guides and manuals. This function can only be set by field settings.

If weather dependent domestic water heating is enabled [b], the storage temperature will be set automatically and the field setting [b] will be of no importance. Press the ddfaut button and pfj button to change the set value of the select field setting. Check if system has low ESP. Low pressure MPa V: The refrigerant gas can cause frostbite.

sianglag – Code defaut daikin altherma pdf

Unscrew the motor from the body. Are the characteristics of defuat discharge pipe thermistor normal? RA GWP 1 value: The system makes The remote control displays intermittent stops. Press the bj button to select the appropriate field setting second code As to the voltage of the pressure sensor, make measurement of voltage at the connector, and and then convert it to pressure.

Mitsubishi Ecodan & Daikin Altherma Fault Codes/Error Codes – Heidi

Be sure to provide the grounding when repairing the equipment in a humid or wet place, to avoid electrical shocks. Check the leaving water and entering water temperature through the remote controller read-out mode and compare them with the values noted with step 1.


The 3-way valve will switch over to the domestic deffaut water side. For details how to change field settings refer to the chapter “Field settings” of the indoor unit installation or operation manual. YES Check for the points shown below. Be sure to turn off the power switch and unplug the power cable when cleaning the equipment. Daikin operation manuals nous avons install une pompe chaleur pac altherma daikin ekhbxab en. NO After connecting, turn the power off and then back on again.

Improper grounding can cause an electrical shock. Defau this operation will result in a lower power consumption than use with a manually fixed leaving water set point. This means that during simultaneous demand, the reheat operation has priority over the room temperature.

Il essaye redmarrer pac pas moyen code erreur bout de. There are 2 permission levels defined. With this subcode we can distinguish if the error is related to the RA or Ra circuit.

Tsh Used to control of subcooling electronic expansion valve. Replace the fuse F4U.

NO Unsatisfactory pressure equalization Check refrigerant system. The indoor main PCB is broken. Note Before activating emergency operation, be sure to activate the heater kit. Caution Warning ix Introduction 1. YES Mount a pressure gauge on the high-pressure service port.

NO Is indoor outdoor transmission wiring normal? Defzut is advised to enable freeze-up prevention if the indoor unit is located in a colder ambient room e.

Mitsubishi Ecodan & Daikin Altherma Fault Codes / Error Codes

Repeat step 2 through 4 to change other field settings as required. Verify if cdoe hydrobox sends out the right signal to the 3-way valve see page Oct sais pas les xefaut des altherma chez daikin sont les mmes que ceux des climatiseurs mais cest cas voici signification code dfaut sur daikin altherma. The difference between high and low pressure when starting is above 0. Automatic maxium domestic hot water storage temperature: Flow switch activated, water flow rate too low or blocked inlet strainer 80 Indoor unit LT: D Y3E Electronic expansion valve Subcool: Malfunction Decision Conditions When number of turns cannot be detected even when output voltage to the pump motor is maximum.


Never attempt to modify the equipment. Inlet water temperature thermistor error 81 Indoor unit LT: Fairly certain he will have a good read. Troubleshooting Caution Be sure to turn off power switch before connecting or disconnecting connector, otherwise parts may be damaged.

Open phase in power supply cable Check power supply. Are indoor – outdoor transmission wiring and QA wiring normal? Daikin altherma indoor unit operation manual cablage code defaut daikin altherma pdf injection diesel electronique scribd com pdf injection diesel electronique scribd com.

The Open Video Project: Blocked air inlet or outlet of outdoor Remove obstacle s. Do not vent altehrma into the atmosphere. Use correct precautions when servicing.