Results 1 – 12 of 25 by Concepcion Cabrera de Armida (Conchita) and Ronald Leonardo . by Concepción (Conchita) Cabrera de Armida and Juan Gutiérrez. The Venerable Concepción Cabrera de Armida (born on December 8, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico and died on March 3, in Mexico City) was a. When Conchita was still a child, she often prayed in front of the Blessed At the tender age of 13, Concepción Cabrera de Armida was.

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This is why she receive her First Holy Communion on her tenth birthday, which was a relatively young age at the time the average age for reception was Solar monstrance of the Eucharist.

She gave away all of his clothes except for one outfit. It aims to clarify the words with which Jesus defines Who Armiea is in a variety re statements beginning with the words: To love the Church is not to criticize her, not to destroy her, not to try to change her essential structures, not to reduce her to humanism, horizontalism, and to the simple service of a human liberation.

Every day I would receive Holy Communion, and I would go see him afterward.

Yet her writings reflect an amazing tranquility, amid the chaos that surrounded her. What she did write, however, includes the following, as true now as when it was written roughly years ago: For instance, she gave no reaction when a conhcita spat in her face. As she prayed these words, she felt as though a knife had pierced her heart. You will suffer what the priests undertake against Me.

And it was a good, loving marriage by all accounts, despite Francisco being very controlling and even a bully at times. The Lord revealed to her an order of contemplative nuns dedicated to this life donchita a congregation of men that would share this acbrera of the cross for the salvation of souls, to the whole world.

Yes, Sister, Conchita was an amazing example of a saint because she so clearly showed us arnida example of Christ. After this, she started to experience many penances, some of which were—by any stretch of the imagination—extreme.


Concepción Cabrera de Armida – Wikipedia

I prefer You to my own soul. Or she would see the devil in the form of an old hideous creature or some unknown animal.

But sometime later, during a novena, she felt called to give away even that. Pope Francis confirmed a miracle attributed to her intercession on 8 Juneand Cabrera shall be beatified on 4 May in Mexico City. Even as she had these babies and six others, Conchita began attending the spiritual exercises of the Secular Franciscans. Finally at age 21, she and Francisco married. Her total oeuvre amounts to more than 66, handwritten pages.

Everything else did not matter to me. Next she attended Mass, came home and prepared breakfast for the family, completed her household chores, then did embroidery for the poor and sewing for family and friends, did some spiritual reading, visited the Blessed Sacrament, prayed the Rosary with the staff, made an examination of conscience, visited the sick and orphaned, homeschooled her children, and cared for her husband.

Concepción Cabrera de Armida

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Be generous with Him! The couple actually wanted to marry right away, but her parents thought 13 was too young although at the time, girls this young did become brides. She met her husband Francisco de Armida at one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After a life filled with sacrifice and good works for the Lord, Conchita contracted bronchial pneumonia in early Then that Easter Sunday, she had a vision in church where she saw a shining cross of light.

Part of a series on. Then in her spare time, she … Maybe this is what prompted her to write: She wore makeup and the best dresses and the finest jewelry she could find. The third last page I read mentions Praxedes burning the sign of the Cross into her heart with a hot iron!

It discusses how the Holy Spirit is at work gradually transforming the soul through its seasons in the image and likeness of Jesus. I have loved much, I have been very sensitive. She left a legacy of total self-donation, and as such she is a great saint not only for our age, but for any epoch. It was so bad, she was confined to bed for days.


She is also a great model for all Christians in whatever state of life. I carry within me three lives, all very strong: But while she would attend these social gatherings at night, during the day, this girl with the strong yet affectionate character worked to master both the domestic arts of the household and horseback riding she was an excellent equestrian.

During her toast to him at their reception, she jokingly told him to not be jealous because every day she wanted to meet another man. Is there anything else? Not surprisingly, God would require much of this graced soul cf. Together they formed the Works of Mercy and would collaborate together for the rest of their lives. It was at this moment that a poor child walked by.

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Views Read Edit View history. I dressed and got made up only to please him. She did a lot of writing. I found it so easy to join both together. During her childhood, Maria was a sickly girl, so sick she always had to have a nurse attend to her. Her writings were widely distributed and inspired the establishment of the five apostolates of the “Works of the Cross” in Mexico:.

Although she recalled to have often disobeyed her parents as a child, she showed a special love for the Holy Eucharist from an early age. Her mother made her do it, at least at first. She learned to let the mysteries of the Cross overwhelm and form her life personally so she could intercede for others and particularly for the Church and priests in her era in Mexico when the Church was in crisis.

I had never imagined myself capable of having a sweetheart, so I kept quiet.