With this book Robert Graves again demonstrates his command of a vast historical subject, creating a startling and vivid picture of a decadent era. Read more. A review y David Maclaine of the historical novel Count Belisarius by Robert Graves. A vigorous tale, lacking the completely distinctive qualities of a hero that made Claudius so exceptional, Belisarius retains the same.

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Read more Read less. For a brief time, one man reversed the decline, fought off the Persions, Goths, and Vandals, and even reconquered Rome itself. There’s no shortage of research on show, but instead of providing insight, it weighs the book down.

The emperor himself may have encouraged much of the intrigue. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The book is full of military manoeuvres and how to win at ancient warfare. It’s been a while since I’ve read about Monophysites and Arians.

In Sassoon tried to rebel against the war by making a public anti-war statement.

He seems to have been quite jealous of Belisarius. What might make this book interesting to someone who is not particularly fascinated by late Roman military history although, who isn’t? If you haven’t read much about late antiquity or the Byzantine Empire, set aside any image you might have of Rome or Greece. In the final pages, the narrator makes explicit a longstanding analogy between the title character and Christ, paired with a fairly facile meditation on grave effects that Christianity may have on an entire society’s ability to prosper, but this is not enough to flesh out that character and make him of any real interest to the reader.

Exuberantly recommended despite the slow start, especially for lovers of the historical novel.

Sep 20, Caroline rated it it was amazing. Historical fiction, when well-crafted, can offer both, and is my favorite category of literature. I ordered it on my eReader and the weirdest thing happened. The book, supposedly written by his wife’s eunuch Eugenius, follows his campaigns in Rome and Northern Africa, chronicling the court intrigues and jealousies that prevent him from winning the glories that Although not quite the masterpiece that both of the Claudius novels are, Count Belisarius is a great read, and brings the period, the 6th century C.


What really happens in the narrative of Eugenius is a fascinating lesson in war — war of that time and, if the reader is paying attention, war of all time. Insomma, un bel disastro che un uomo solo era quasi riuscito ad arginare, per finire sconfitto dalle gelosie e dagli intrighi di corte. View all 4 comments. At the Battle of the Somme he was so badly wounded by a shell-fragment through the lung that he was expected to die, and indeed was officially reported as ‘died of wounds’.

Antonina is an old friend of Theodora’s and has a place in the imperial palace as Theodora’s bed-chamber woman.

Count Belisarius : Graves Robert : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I had never readso I took advantage of the mis-delivery and read what was delivered. Murdered and Deified A. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

If the same injustice appeared in a documentary or an article in the Toronto Star, I’d likely flip the subconscious switch that shuts down the engines of empathy, and prevents me from feeling compelled to action. Many other characters suffer similarly, being a collection of identifiable traits rather than fleshed out personalities. To ask other readers beliswrius about Count Belisariusplease sign up.

: Count Belisarius (): Robert Graves: Books

But all the while, undermined by the Eastern Emperor Justinian, jealous of his popularity. Robert Graves was one of the best historical cunt who ever lived, and this book is one of the many showcases of his talent.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Una lettura non facile, ma consigliata agli amanti del genere e del periodo fobert in questione. This is an exciting novel — once the groundwork is laid — that tells of all the great battles that Belisarius engaged in often with his wife in attendance and all of the political intrigue that went on at the time. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Justinian then took all the credit for himself, and went belisariue far as to punish the General for some imagined infraction, and refuse to reimburse him after he used his own funds to pay for equipment and soldiers’ salaries.


I knew little more than you can glean belisarihs the blurb on the dust cover of the book. Trivia About Count Belisarius.

The most interesting and well-drawn characters are actually their wives Antoninus and Theodora. Thank you for your feedback. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


The poor are the first to starve during war, the ones left to be destroyed by the burning of cities and villages and farms, the plunder that the troops believe is their prize for fighting, especially when the Emperor cannot or will not pay his troops. Traves is glut of battle scenes, descriptions of campaigns, seiges and the deployment of soldiers. Sure, the Byzantines were capable of some pretty remarkable artistic and architectural works, and were a formidable military power.

All this is only setting the scene. But Graves made a surprising choice that makes the book even more interesting.

Count Belisarius

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I just went a long way to say a simple thing – Robert Graves was one of the creators of historical fiction.

Lots of battles, but surprisingly, given the author unspooled in a monotone. He fought the Vandals in Africa, the Goths in Italy, the Persians, Justinian belisariue painted from a critical angle; Theodora, Belisarius and his wife, Antonina, are highlighted sympathetically.