A form fillable PDF format character sheet for the Cyberpunk table top role playing game, just download and edit with your preferred. Page 1. Page 2. A form fillable Cyberpunk character sheet by ken_dicke.

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Find More Posts by Moebius. I’m creating a interactive sheet myself for my group so I’ve been spending quite a bit of time thinking about how to re-arrange and make everything fit and also to improve the readability.

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CyberPunk2020 form fillable character sheet

Originally Posted by mook. This is a subreddit for the classic 80’s pen-and-paper role-playing game Cyberpunkthe second edition of the even classic-er Cyberpunk, and also the more popular one.

Find More Posts by rlbeaver. No hassle xheet I would welcome any editablw all to the site. I made an editable PDF character sheet. A few things to note: Prior to posting or commenting, apply some chipware filled with our Rules wiki page. The Cyberpunk Fandom Wiki Related: As long as you keep in mind that this is not in any way a character generator, just a convenient way to create legible sheets of characters that are already created, you won’t be disappointed.


The Cyberpunk Fandom Wiki Related: I like the style in general and how you use titles to give separation to the different sections. It got mangled with the imgur upload, but looks ok when printed.

Here’s a pdf version, feel free to use it if it’s helpful: Thanks for the thoughts. Its 2 am I miss read this title an thought it was from the paranoiarpg subreddit I follow. Please let me know if there is something you are interested in. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of charactwr internet. The layout of the cyberware table is great to visualize the different categories, but I’m not sure about the space.

I took a pass on making a better character sheet for Cyberpunk Thoughts? : cyberpunk

The ‘Reputation’ Reaction Modifiers and ‘Character Notes’ sections are multi-line on the original sheetbut I wasn’t able to create a text box that matched the existing lines closely enough. Prior to posting or commenting, apply some chipware filled with our Rules wiki page. Find More Posts by OldSam. I have just begun my endeavors over at my website, ActiveRPG. I think maybe I should name that space ‘Quick Gear’ or something, as I imagine any player will probably need a second sheet for their gear.


Find More Posts by Lupo.

Thursday, 12th June, Submit a new link. Originally Posted by OldSam Looks really nice!

It can be found here. Find More Posts by mook. They can sjeet a little wonky if lowering traits to get points back and not using full multiples – when doing that, try not to use “in-between” numbers so if lowering HP, use -2, -4, -6; if lowering FP, use -3, -6, -9; etc. Is it somehow possible to save the document with the filled-in data? Want to add to the discussion? Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

Wednesday, 14th March, Editable Replica Character Sheets Hello everyone. That looks like it’ll be quite a handy little sheet. Originally Posted by mook Happy to hear any feedback and suggestions for improvement.

I am in the works on Heavy Gear 2nd Edition and Cyberpunk