RZNC make DSP as the core control system,High-speed processing operation sports concluding continuous, step (crawl), distance, manual operation. Diagram. RZNC Connection Board. PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version With DSP technology, the increase of cut-to-length precision can be obtained as it offers well-timed The RZNC Working Video links: . Press the “Delete” key,the RZNC Controller will showing “manual state screen”(as View 2). View 2.

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When you finish all settings, it will go to former menu.

Download – RZNC,RICHNC,RichAuto-Beijing Richnc Technology Co.,LTD

Inner file, that is which file youlike to save this file. Then it shows the value of spindle state, thedefa ult va lue is 2. In order to protect the to ols edge from da ma ge, it needs to make the z a ,anual goes down at a low speed.

Beca us e there a re ma ny s pecia l code da ta. Space here means the two center distance. Tags for this Thread faritsnonnotthen. I cannot follow Alan’ instructions because it does not give me control and i can’t move Z axis by hand.


After the machine goes home, the system is in manual process, which shown as below: If it does not need to cha nge, p res sto confirm all to exit and goback former menu. Stop Pos itio n: Simply manual operate mode: If thes e pa ra meters a re wron g, then it lea ds to w rong moti onseven da ma ge to the ma chine a nd opera tors.

Then the cursormoves to the next line till goes back the former menu.

RZNC-0501 DSP Operating Manual

So here, after you push the z axis back, then check it. If it is necessary to change the speed, the same operating with X axis.

mmanual When it gets the power supply again, press to go back machine origin, then it clews PowerOff reboot? When it is running the fi le, the s creen rol ls the inf orma tion of fi le line number, rea l p rocess s peed, s peed ra ti o, rema in time.

Any future questions, pls send email: I know there is an English version because Shannon posted an screenshot here: Input S elf Ch eck re fers to the sys tem check s Input termina ls p ropert ies.

Reliable data protection and recover function; 9. Enable means that Z axis raises to the set height after it f i n i s h e s a l mamual w o r k.


And it will show the line state. Then disappeared and did not show anything You in a way that Described in the site 1. Proce ss Parame ter S ett ings: Move the cursor to Inner Fo r m a t item, and pres s,thes creenappearsasfollowing: Dear all, Can anyone help us ,anual solve this issue Then p ress to delete. Kindly do the needful. Then Z a xis working origin manuual. I installed the driver and then the program, but when I opened the program I found all the menus and options were in Chinese!

And s peed va lue cha nges synch ron ica lly; ea ch pres s on button tospeed ratio raise 0. Originally Posted by vijayv. Pres s go ba ck f ormer menu.

RZNC DSP Operating Manual

Press the “ok” key then power on with the computer. Results 49 to 60 of Now I don’t know how to transfer the program from signtek to the DSP. Then Press to clear X and Y axes working origin; and press toclear Z axis working origin.