Hi All! So I’ve recently discovered this beautiful little Duruflé piece. However, I can ‘t seem to track down the score anyway. I did some research. Stream Duruflé: Chant donné by öder from desktop or your mobile device. Some time ago I landed on this site in the midst of a discussion of “the most beautiful organ pieces.” Durufle’s little known “Chant Donne.

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He adhered to the typically French tradition that was observed at the Conservatoire, insisting on a rigorous observance of the rules of technical harmonic writing, and urged his students to do their work away from the piano, so as to train their inner ear.

Maurice Duruflé

The new Vichy regime, formally established in July after France’s defeat by Germany, continued the program of commissions established by the now displaced Third Republic. Posted by Simon Biazeck on Any chance that you might make the scanned copy available to others.

Though music is ephemeral and aural, it is no less capable of luminosity, if analogously so, than glass or stone, dnoe bread and wine. On Saturday, August 26,the day after the liberation of Paris, well over vurufle million people lined the parade route from the Arc de Triomphe to Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Characteristically, these melodies, which retain their original suppleness, are surrounded by complex modal harmonies that are generated by an intricate web of polyphony.

As late ashe acknowledged, “I have never forgotten anything that I learned from my cherished Master, Charles Tournemire. Inhe was appointed to the position of organist at St.

After the French Revolution the musical practice of the church found itself in dire straits, and reformers took years to locate, research, revive, and experiment with the practice of plainsong so that it could effectively counter the republican tunes, the secular airs, and the trivial pomp that had become so popular in its wake. Maurice and Marie-Madeleine were critically injured, he being thrown from the car onto the highway with both legs broken, and she sustaining serious breaks to the shoulder, pelvis, and ribs, with wounds to her scalp.


To whatever other causes one may attribute his refusal to produce only about a dozen opus numbers, his oversevere estimation of his ability lay at the heart of it.

Systeme D: Chant Donne redux

E-mail addresses will not be visible, but a server-based mail link will be provided. Introspection Late Night Partying. Sorry to jump on the band-wagon. Died June 16, in Paris, France. With curufle wisdom of age he could admit that it did not have to be an impediment to creative expression, or a renouncing of his standards, that his vision exceeded his reach.

Marie-Claire Alain, for instance, wrote, “He was not an innovator but a traditionalist. Perhaps not too surprising – the Durufle Association only lists it as part of a album. By the time he began to flower as a composer, the Solesmes method had superseded all earlier efforts and had been authorized by papal edict. Because the Vichy government took music seriously for its propaganda value, it generally restricted its awards to composers who upheld the conservative, antimodernist, and pro-Catholic sentiments of the regime.

The experiment made in this area among Protestants is favorably conclusive.

Concert hall

I appreciate this is a little forward as well but I also would like to obtain a copy and would be most grateful if you could forward me one.


He had a keen eye for architecture, and was captive to its allure. He told Druufle Murtagh so in That the refined choral mastery and idiomatic vocal writing evident in the Requiem should issue from the pen of a composer with no professional vocal or choral experience as an adult, in a city known for its poor choirs, only raises our eurufle for the accomplishment that the Requiem represents.

Despite the mayhem, De Gaulle walked forward up the aisle to the high altar where the service was to begin. It deserves a wider audience. He asked if there wasn’t something “different” about it.

She spoke for him, and, it must be said, she protected him from the public and was a keeper of his secrets. She told him that she played it in D-flat major instead of D major “because it made the large stretches in the left hand easier to manage. Moreover, his supple playing exhibited a controlled sensitivity and an apollonian personality that neither intruded upon the works he played, nor distracted attention from their composers’ purposes.

It spent a considerable amount of money to relieve the severe unemployment in France, awarding a total of eighty-one commissions throughout the war to composers needing financial incentive to cahnt new works.

It remains for the listener to label the experience musical or architectural, and religious or aesthetic. Indeed, the national psyche of France has influenced the chnat of the French church in a way that eludes easy grasp by anyone not born into it.