EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION FINAL YEAR ECE 8TH SEMESTER QUESTION BANK Write short notes on attitude control system. 3. What is. Subject code: EC Subject Name: Satellite Communication Type of Study Materials: Lecture Notes Download Link => LP – EC LP Rev. No: Date: Page 01 of Sub Code &Name: EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Unit: I Branch: EC Semester: VIII.

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Explain downlink satellite circuit. Explain in detail about speech interpolation and prediction. These ec satellite communication notes important notes because important topics included about satellite and communication. What is meant by payload? Explain about indoor and outdoor unit of home receiver. Satellite Communications full notes, ec satellite communication notes, e-book satelpite 4 page but need more inf. These are measured in the topocentric-horizon coordinate system The look angles for ground station antenna are the azimuth and elevation angles required so that it points directly at the satellite R.

Hohmann transfer Most satellites launched today are initially placed into an low earth orbit. Define ascending node and descending node.

EC Satellite Communication Lecture Notes – University Question Papers

What is noise power spectral density? What is meant by space division sztellite access? Orbit Satellites move in a path around the Earth called an orbit.


Question paper is give Skip to main content. Satellite Communication Type of Study Materials: The disadvantage of this type of orbit is that since these satellites are very far away, they have ec satellite communication notes resolution. Explain the principle behind spectrum spreading and dispreading and how this is used to minimize interference in a CDMA system.

Working satellites are made to drift back to their position but out-of-service satellites ec satellite communication notes eventually drifted to these points, ec satellite communication notes making that point a Satellite Graveyard.

Satellite Communications full notes, pdf, e-book I m doing extc engg from mu. In this safellite the elliptic orbit or transfer orbit is ev2045 to both the original orbit A and the final orbit C.

What is an TDMA? Two planets are shown on orbits that are the same shape, but the larger orbit is 1. Notice that the planet on the larger orbit takes ec satellite communication notes as long to go around the star.

State briefly where VSAT systems and find widest applications. Vernal equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator going from south to north.

EC2045 Satellite Communication Lecture Notes

Imaginary line drawn from this equatorial crossing through the center of the ec satellite communication notes points to the first point of Aries. Define and explain the terms carrier recovery, bit-time recovery, traffic data, frame efficiency and channel capacity.


Write the equations of losses for clear sky conditions. What is meant by communidation position acquisition? Explain about inter-satellite link. She has developed this website for the welfare of students community not only for students under Anna University Chennai, but for all universities located in India.

Write about pre-assigned TDMA satellite access. Explain about launching orbits. Explain in detail the operation of the spade system of demand assignment.

Classification of orbits R. Remember me on this computer. What is an EIRP?

Give the advantage of geostationary orbit. Explain what is meant by satellite attitude and briefly describe two forms of attitude Control. Explain in detail the operation of a preassigned SCPC network.

The orbit ec20455 be circular. The magnitude of the force is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the two particles, and inversely proportional to satellitf square of the distances between them.