Telephone conversations will never be the same again, considering the host of advanced features in the two ISDN telephones we reviewed–the Eurit 20 and. You can examine ASCOM Eurit 20 Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for ASCOM Eurit Besides, it’s possible to examine. 6 Operating Manual ascom Eurit Operating and Display Elements P 4 5 6 1 23 10 1 Operating and Display Elements 1 The display Your telephone is.

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Making A Call Making a call Incoming calls For incoming calls, the caller’s number is displayed even before you lift the handset. Don’t have an account? The call on hold is signalled ex-factory setting. Enter the desired number.

confirm. happens. Ascom ascotel office 20 manual lift

If you press the END key for 3 seconds, you have the option of deleting the corresponding speed-dial memory. Use the Foxkey to delete a preprogrammed destination number digit by digit, and terminate the procedure eurig the memory key. Date and time The date and the time are supplied automatically from the ISDN and do not have to be set manually.

Press the memory key for 3 seconds and enter the code one digit under which euritt wish to store the telephone number. Programming the speed-dialling memory You can program up to 10 frequently used numbers in the speed-dialling memory. The Foxkey allows you to delete a preprogrammed exchange access code and terminate the procedure using the memory key. Press the loudspeaker key at any time during the call. Do not touch the plug contacts with pointed or metallic objects.

The two calls remain active and you can switch between them brokering. Press again to show the next stored number, and so on. Your Telecom will provide information on the introduction date for this service.


Press the memory key to initiate the clearing procedure. Press the memory key to store the corrected date. Installation Contents of the packet Telephone base unit Handset, including connection cable Telephone connection cable Operating manual Feet Perspex cover Pyramid handset cradle for wall 02 Quick-reference guide Connecting the handset and the telephone After unpacking the telephone, connect the handset to the base unit by plugging the handset connection cable into the small socket on the base of the telephone.

See page 13 for instructions on how to programme your speed-dial memory. Lift the handset within euit seconds to automatically make the connection. Product Conformity Your telephone is covered by a month guarantee from the date of purchase. Thank you eurjt putting your trust in us. Once eurt handset is replaced, CLIR is switched off. To delete numbers from the caller list, press the memory key until the number to be deleted is displayed.

Give the plug a slight tug to check that it has locked into place. Dialling a number from ejrit speed-dial memory Press the memory key followed by the number under which the full telephone number is stored 0 to 9lift the handset or press the loudspeaker key. During the call after around 8 seconds the display indicates the charge and duration of the active call, provided you are a subscriber to this service.

Telephone ascom Eurit 20 Operating Manual. Manufactured in Switzerland by: On-hook dialling Enter eirit number you wish to call, lift the handset or press the loudspeaker key once the connection has been esta- blished. Page of 26 Go. If you receive a call while programming, the programming procedure is automatically aborted.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Use the Foxkey to delete a preprogrammed speed-dialling number digit by digit. If you lift the handset Ascom Office Ring-back signal on the eurti indicates that you can use the ring-back function. Office 20 Cordless Telephone pdf ekrit download.


This function is not supported by all PBXs. Press the memory key to store the corrected date. Use the Foxkey to delete a programmed call ID and then terminate the procedure using the memory key. However, since there is no hands-free microphone, you can only talk through the handset. Programming your telephone When programming leave the handset on the rest.

Ascom Eurit 20 Operating Manual

Long numbers can be scrolled by pressing the Foxkey followed by the memory key. During a call, you can increase the volume of the handset or the loudspeaker by doubleclicking on the loudspeaker key, and reset to normal volume by double-clicking again.

To programme this function: Press the memory key to store the destination number. Programming your telephone Setting the date Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds, followed by the numbers “1” and “5”.

In this example the prompt asks you to enter the direct-call number. A ring-back remains active for around 40 eudit, after which it is automatically cancelled by the exchange. The display prompts you to define the desired melody or volume as follows: Programming a destination number You can only program a destination number if MSN A has been programmed.

Setting The Date Programming your telephone Setting the date Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds, followed by the numbers “1” and “5”. Display message for clearing all programmed data.