Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology [Stan Goldstein, Fred Goldstein, Rick Sternbach] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Covers the history of. Jun 11, Could you post the Federation Spaceflight Chronology in a downloadable form? The website linked here is dead and the wayback machine. An expanded version of Spaceflight Chronology (SC) used to be online at http:// but that site is apparently gone for good. The original book.

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Enterpriseeven though the dates, sequence of events, and the political circumstances have many differences. Got something to say? The only modifications necessary to Mason’s chronology is to move the date that Captain Pike took command of the Enterprise from tothe date of Captain Pike’s second mission from toand the date of the Genesis and Whalesong Incidents from to George Kirk writes letters, datedto his sons George and James.

However, other details can be adapted albiet imprecisely into the now-standard timeline. DarkwingJul 25, Before presenting my chronology, however, let me explain the sources which I used and my rationale for some of the event cgronology and dates I used.

It’s all fromand seems to have left the Okuda-ized timeline and Romulan timeline incomplete.


SpaceFlight Chronology by RE Mandel

This date fits nicely into the larger chronologu chronology. Where are your contact details though? Contact us for permission requests. Further, it places the date that Captain Christopher Pike took command of the Enterprise as DarkwingJul 11, Anyone know if he ever finished this project?

Federation Spaceflight Chronology

By continuing to use this website, you spacefllght to their use. Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology Aw, this was a extremely high quality post. Commenting on the post immediately preceding this one was Richard Mandel — creator of the Federation Spaceflight Chronology series check out the volumes here.

The following pages present a compilation of events taken from all of the references discussed above. Redirected to Spaceflight Chronology article.

These letters were written while he was involved in a secret mission with Captain Robert April aboard the then-unnamed starship Enterprise. This design is wicked! Suppose the phrase refers, not to the starship, but to the individuals themselves.

You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. This chronology includes details which provide background for events which occur in “Star Trek: Discussion in ‘ Trek Chtonology ‘ started by DarkwingJul 11, DarkwingJul 22, The Enterprise Legacy Timeline. In the meantime, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Fantastic blog and superb design. Here are the most important of these novels.

Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology – Wikipedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Next Generation Technical Manual. Memory Beta incomplete reference book articles Memory Beta reference book articles with incomplete reference sections Memory Beta reference book articles with incomplete summary sections Reference books. This would explain some of the new technology we see in the animated series, such as new types of shuttlecraft, transporters which store the patterns of the persons being transported, and the life-support belts used by the crew.

Arex chronoligy be explained by crew replacements made during the time of such an upgrade. This could be explained by reference to the original series episode “For the World Is Hollow”. He supposes that Captain Kirk commanded a mission aboard the Enterprise before the one portrayed in the series, and that “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is from that prior mission.