Home arrow Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC arrow FM Mine/Countermine Operations. Reference URL. Share. Save to. Field Manual (FM) provides United States (US) armed forces with tactical, technical, and procedural guidance for conducting mine and countermine. Field Manual FM Mine/Countermine Operations at the Company Level [ Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Mine/Countermine Operations FM 20-32 C2

Buried mines also have some resistance to countermeasures, but surface-laid mines have none. A Arming and Operatins For dismounted forces, the nature of operationx attack may initially preclude using a finalapproach marker; however, as soon as the mission allows, a finalapproach marker is placed 30 meters from the entrance.

I n short, the minefield must discourage any attempts to breach and must entice the enemy to bypass rather than reduce. The support force provides flank security, forward security, and protection for the breach force.

Full text of “FM (Mine Countermine Operations)”

Sample DA Form front side for a booby-trapped area Chemical-mine employment C-7 gureC The counterminr obstacle effort is then divided by the minefield front norm for the specific effect rounded up to yield the number of individual minefields required in the obstacle group. Propels fragments in the general direction of enemy soldiers. Tactical obstacles are employed to produce specific effects on specific enemy targets.


Turn-effect group gure Once lanes are upgraded to two-way traffic, far recognition markers are required for each two-way lane. Since tactical obstacles attack the enemy’s maneuver and must complement the existing terrain, the MCOO is vital to obstacle siting.

The maneuver graphics use symbols to depict the missions of each subunit within the battalion. Conventional Mines FM M16 The M16 AP mine is a bounding fragmentation mine that consists of a mine fuse Mtrinitrotoluene TNT explosive, a propelling charge, and a projectile that are contained in a sheet-steel case.

FM Mine/Countermine Operations :: Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC

The engineer uses the safety zone and the 203-2 duration to assess the impact of the minefield on the mobility requirements of the scheme of maneuver.

There are three critical tasks that must be accomplished at the mine dump: Depending on the size and the location of minefields, either technique may have the advantage of using fewer resources or labor.

They are marked with directional panels indicating the direction of the bypass. Air Volcano dispensing times based on air speed D Table E-l.

The obstacle effects areshown on theCOA overlay using obstacle-effect graphics Figure Metal collar on an M fuse A gureA Synchronization All aspects of synchronization should be implemented when planning route clearance. One vehicle digs cutter while the other spreads the spoil striker. Engineers work in concert with other reconnaissance assets to confirm the presence or absence of ambushes, UXO, and minefields. Bypassing is done by maneuvering around a minefield or, if aviation assets are available, moving over the minefield.


FM 20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations

This manual reflects new doctrine from FMs, and The dispenser is considered to be UXO; do not attempt to recover the dispenser. Sample DA Form inside for a booby-trapped area gure It can be used in low- mid- and high-intensity conflicts and minne a variety of environments. The mine is protected from damage and is difficult to see.

Using MCRs or their equivalent is absolutely imperative due to the high risk of encountering a minefield. These norms are also the basis for developing minefield packages and emplacement procedures outlined throughout this manual. E-5 M18A1 Antipersonnel Munition It is where mines are task-organized into mine-strip packages and then inspected, prepared, and loaded onto emplacing vehicles.

The maneuver graphics may include direct-fire control measures that direct how and where combat forces will mass, shift, and lift fires to destroy the enemy. It is the aim point used when the mission was fired.

There is great temptation to drive through, rather than around, a known phony minefield— particularly if it is intended to be a gap between live minefields. Hornet components B-3 vm B