Check out this new article Wizards of the Coast posted recently: Genasi of Athas. Chandra Nalaar the hothead by theDURRRRIAN female fire genasi alchemist tinkerer inventor goggles steampunk sorcerer wizard sorceress witch armor. Some Genasi legends, as well as physical descriptions of the new manifestations , and information on Genasi communities on Athas.

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Whatever the reasons, Adepts of evil primordials and Broken Builders are not often found apart.

Grnasi devotees of these lesser forces might be rarer than others, they are no less capable than other users of elemental magic. Reset Fields Log in. They make their homes on the tiny islands rising from the vast Silt Sea spreading out to the east, far from the city-states and their trade routes.

From his experiences beyond civilized lands, he concluded that as the Elemental Chaos created life, so must the Elemental Chaos dwell within all beings. I think we all know the answer to that. As for this being a Dark Sun article, I think they could have just bothered to spare one sentence explaining that Genasi on Athas are also known as the Ruvkova.

Genasi of Athas Setting. Or that there’s a tribes of them genai the Ruvkova. They need to cover up any outward signs of their parentage, and their magic is no better understood than a preservers. The class structure of 4th Edition made it a bit easier to lose [the divine] power source, because leaders from other power sources could provide adequate healing and fill the other roles just as well.

The Burnt World of Athas

You have a swimming speed of 30 feet. Have you used them? Mingled bloodlines combined with the ever-changing world have resulted in new elemental manifestations. It’s nice that you can maintain it on the off chance that creatures get knocked back in, but you can’t move it at all, so that kinda sucks. There are several new options and subclasses dealing with elemental power. You have resistance to acid damage. Athas dark sun genasi winning races. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available.


Join Date Aug Posts 16, The genasi are unknown to most people inhabiting the Tyr Region, and for good reason.

Winning Races: Genasi of Athas

They make their homes on the tiny islands rising from the vast Silt Sea spreading out to the east, far from the city-states and their trade routes. Adepts attempt to convince Venasi to further his patron’s will and the Builders hope that an Adept can help free a primordial to recreate the World.

Still, though, would be nice if the freakin’ swordmage didn’t resist practically every energy type, including some of the effect line stuff. Despite this relationship, Adepts and Builders all too often find their goals at odds with each with other: I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser.

Click here to edit contents of this page. The Ironwrought might not seem like it fits Dark Sun well, which is fine, but have a look at this statement in the description:. The Dragon, seeing a need to have even greater control over his valley of dust and fire, imprisoned the Prince of Magma between the Plane Below and the world so the primordial’s inherent power would continue to power the lake of fire’s magma flows.

After all, both these places are harsh elemental-driven realms where power and chaos go hand in hand. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. The 4e setting gave us epic destinies of a similar nature: Whenever you make an Intelligence History check related to the origin of stonework, you are considered proficient in the History skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus. You gain a bonus to Reflex and to saves against ongoing fire damage.

You can’t be subjected to forced movement, are slowed, and deal automatic damage to creatures that end their turn od to you. Dregoth then gave life to the second of his children, born in his true image. Genasi are as varied as their kf parents but are generally built like humans, standing ot from 5 feet to over 6 feet tall. The crunch works in any setting, and is really cool for genasi players. Chlimbia, Prince of Magma, came forth with his evil host to quell the thief of his domain and to use this wound in the world to expand his dominion.


These Eladrin, known to be true masters of the Way, sought to establish Eladrin monasteries far from the city-states and their inhabitants, and so dwelt for a time beyond the reach of mortals on the edges of the world where the Plane Below presses on the world and elemental terrors roam.

Finally, the four genasi feats are all boosters for the manifestations.

Genasi – DND 5th Edition

The largest island in the Road of Fire. You have resistance to fire damage. This breach did not go unnoticed. The reclusive half-elementals known as genasi are little more than legend, and tales told by travelers who claim to have encountered them are often dismissed as outright lies. Your Dexterity score increases by 1. Is it just me, or does the Magma Eruptions feat do basically nothing? You can also sustain it and make an attack that slows and deals ongoing damage to creatures inside it.

Welp, one quick bit of alteration to the ash genasi, and now I have a model for a ov yuki-onna. Find out what you can do. Tuesday, 6th April, Something does not work as expected?

That’s not to say that all Primordial Adepts wish for the complete destruction of the world or that Broken Builders have any strong connection to a specific primordial, but each group genask what they want: Those mortal containers proved too weak to receive these gifts and so many perished.

But their emergence is unmistakable, and those who live along the shores of the Silt Sea wonder if this trickle presages a greater and more terrible flood.