Olivier Roy argues that Islamic revival, or ‘re-Islamisation’, results from the efforts of westernised Muslims to assert their identity in a non-Muslim context. Olivier Roy discussed his latest book, Globalized Islam, in which he argues that Islamic revival has resulted from the Muslim diaspora´s efforts. Olivier Roy’s Globalized Islam. Much of the current turmoil in the Muslim world and the tensions between. West and East can be traced back to.

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Published March 21st by Columbia University Press first published Faheem Hussain rated it liked it Jun 01, Jan 17, Clay rated it really liked it.

Preview — Globalized Islam by Olivier Roy. The revival of Islam is,am Muslim populations is often wrongly seen as a backlash against westernisation rather than as one of its consquences.

Once you realise that religion and culture have been decoupled, then the “clash of civilisations” debate loses all relevance. Roy knocks the idea that the problems of the contemporary Muslim world can be explained in glohalized of Islam.

Globalised Islam

Roy’s Globalised Islam is one of the most gllobalized book about normative Islam I have ever encountered. What Roy has done here is a fascinating re-reading of Islam the Islam practised not the one ordained by God that combines a broad swath of impressive qualitative historical and discursive evidence with a focused line of theorising that seeks oivier analyse, adumbrate, and articulate an Islam deculturalised, deterritorialised, and decentralised.

Roger Green rated it really liked it Jan 18, These works include Globalized Islam: Roy has gone deeper than most in understanding the mundane as seen in his footnotes which are mostly speeches and sermons from quotidian websitesand thankfully eschew the mundane explanation such as by those iwlam can’t even differentiate globalised Islam from civilisational Islam assuming that’s still a thing today. This change equally affects Muslims in Muslim countries.


Custom and practice

I consent for my email address to be transferred to Mailchimp. Counterinsurgent rated it it was amazing Aug 17, The Hurst Publishers website uses cookies and other tracking technologies e. The book is extremely relevant today with the ongoing Western military involvement in Muslim counties’ happenings and the mass migration of people from Muslim countries to Western Europe. The vast majority ro existing Islamic states had to sacrifice the idea of international Islam to the national interests of local state, demonstrating once again that nationalism of a specific country trumps any dreams of a transnational kingdom be it global Islam, Marxism or Liberal Democracy for that matter.

Olivier’s grasp of the mood swings in te Islamic milieu are pretty exact.

Globalised Islam | Hurst Publishers

Roy examines how Muslim intellectuals have made it possible for Muslims to live islqm a secularized world while maintaining the identity of a “true believer. Bernard rated it really liked it Feb 17, Olivier Roy — Recent terrorist actions have confirmed what I said about the de-territorialization and Westernization of the radicals, but I updated the book to give some more input. His analysis is bottom-up, featuring a host of websites of various “neofundamentalists” along with more established texts.

Do the developments confirm your original analysis, or have you had to revise some of your assessments?

Anyway, these are just some of the points that Roy pontificates about, there is much more where it came from. The Internet also allows the creation of window institutions: It’s a must read for any Muslim living in the West looking for answers to justify the current Islamic trends.


Globalized Islam – Interview with Olivier Roy

Some abandon it altogether. In that sense Roy is somewhat similar to Satanovsky http: Instead, the goal is how to “Islamise modernity”.

Higher education Society books Politics books reviews. Islam should be treated merely as a religion, and not as the expression of ethnic minority groups. There is a kind of privatisation of faith. Do you think that a globalized Islam will actually also favour the rise of an American Islam, of a Olivied Islam, and so on? Gemma Gall rated it really liked it Feb 18, It provides Muslims with an identity as well globakized solidarity with other people who regularly “practise” their religion.

The spread of Islam around the globe has blurred the connection between a religion, a specific society, and a territory. In this brilliant exegesis of the movement of Islam beyond traditional borders and its unwitting westernization, Olivier Roy argues that Islamic revival, or “re-Islamization,” results from the efforts of westernized Muslims to assert their identity in a non-Muslim context. What glovalized Olivier Roy a challenging writer is that he doesn’t simplify things by framing everything in the context of a singular idea e.

Sep 10, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bobby rated it it was amazing Sep 09, They cannot be typecast any more.