1. Congress is not raising Godhra Khand because if they do so the BJP, will raise Gujarat asmita, which will destroy Congress party completely. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Ultimately , leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team. Today, February 27, it will be 15 years since the Godhra incident that lit the flames of a massive sectarian conflagration. According to official.

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The US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report quoted knd NHRC as concluding that the attacks had been premeditated, that state government officials were complicit, and that there was evidence of police not acting during the assaults on Muslims. A resolution was submitted by John Conyers and Joseph R.

Retrieved 11 May A stringent anti-terror law, the POTAwas used by the Gujarat government to charge people in connection to the Godhra train fire, but not invoked in prosecuting any of the accused in the post-Godhra riots.

Survivors look at the pictures of the Godhra riots victims at a photo-exhibition held to commemorate its 10th anniversary in Ahmedabad, February 27, The State at Risk?

The Geometry of Genocide: Studies in Indian Politics. It would now seem that the harassment and intimidation of the mostly Muslim hawkers at Godhra railway station godbra deliberate and todhra at provoking an agitated response. Islamism in South Asia. Archived from the original on 19 January This swelled to overin camps the next two weeks.


Then-Chief Minister Narendra Modi declared that the attack on the train had been an act of terrorism, and not an incident of communal violence.

Godhra train burning

In response to allegations of state involvement, Gujarat government spokesman, Bharat Pandya, told the BBC that the rioting was a spontaneous Hindu backlash fueled by widespread anger against Muslims.

They were subjected to disciplinary proceedings and transfers with some having to leave the state. In both cases while there was intent to commit another crime, what resulted was not intended. On 18 July, Modi asked the Governor of Gujarat to dissolve the state assembly and call fresh elections.

Vandana Shiva stated that “Young boys have been taught yodhra burn, rape and kill in the name of Hindutva. Women and Property in Urban India.

Religious politics and communal violence. The charge-sheet also stated that a mob attacked the police, prevented the fire brigade from approaching the burning train, and stormed the train for a second time.

Godhra train burning – Wikipedia

We see much of it all around. Modi, Muslims and Media: The Indian Supreme Courtacting on a petition by social activist Teesta Setalvadordered a retrial outside Gujarat in which nine accused were found guilty in Raghavanwho was the head of the Special Investigating Team, said he was satisfied with the verdict.

Nanavati Commission submitted its first report on riots in state”. Sorcha Gunne; Zoe Brigley Thompson, eds.

An Introduction 2nd ed. A chilling technique, absent in pogroms unleashed hitherto but very much in evidence this time in a large number of cases, was the deliberate destruction of evidence. The community head reported that the police responded quickly but were ineffectual as there were so few of them present to help during the attack.


Archived from the original on 23 October The committee concluded that the fire had begun inside the train and was most likely accidental.

Gujarat riots – Wikipedia

Gordhan Zadafiathe Minister of State for Home, stated that he believed there would be no retaliation from the Hindu community. It ordered that the SIT would be the nodal agency for deciding about witness protection and also asked that bodhra file supplementary charge sheets and that it may cancel the bail of the accused. Retrieved 30 November Diversity and Democracy Under Attack. Retrieved 22 May Modi, Muslims kanf Media: Innovative Approaches from an International Perspective.

2002 Gujarat riots

In Octoberthe court quashed the conclusions of Banerjee and ruled that the investigation was “unconstitutional, illegal and null and void”, declared its formation to be a “colourable exercise of power with mala fide intentions”, and its argument of accidental fire “opposed to the prima facie kanv facts on record.

Bombay HC convicts 5 Gujarat cops, 2 doctors, upholds life for 11″.

Retrieved 20 May Anatomy of a Cover Up Scarred: