Pădurea norvegiană [Haruki Murakami] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Romanul Padurea norvegiana, care-si imprumuta titlul de la un . Padurea norvegiana (Romanian Edition) [Haruki Murakami] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Subtila, fermecatoare, profunda si foarte. Buy PADUREA NORVEGIANA TOP 10 – REPRINT by HARUKI MURAKAMI ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free.

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The essence of Japan during the 80’s era is vividly depicted by the author in the story line, while giving life to a young man’s years spent in an university.

The sex in the book doesn’t appear obscene at all. These lyrics say more than I ever could about the novel.

Sushi know this would happen? So many simple sentences just reached out and grabbed me, either for their truth, beauty, wit or oddness. I have to write things down to feel I fully comprehend them.

Pădurea norvegiană

He was her soulmate and now she is rudderless in a sea of uncertainty. I immediately connected to Toru, haruki murakami padurea norvegiana narrator and prota Book Review:. Inexplicably, the students end their strike and act as if nothing had happened, which enrages Watanabe as a sign of hypocrisy. At times we kick the ball around for a while, laugh heartily among ourselves and leave the field, slapping each others’ backs.

Watanabe is the central norvegianna, and the muralami revolves around his emotional growing up, his learning to accept responsibility for his actions and his ability to deal with loss and rejection.

Pădurea norvegiană by Haruki Murakami (5 star ratings)

So, if you were old enough to die for your country, surely you were old enough to have a drink? The dialogues, which are plenty and are very evocative, are bound to make the readers lose themselves in the character’s flawed voices, thoughts and opinions that are penned in a way that the readers, especially the ones going through such a phase could easily relate with it. Who else was there? Whereas sometimes I harukk to hang around and enjoy the haruik of being down in the rabbit hole.


Overall, this is a fantastic novel that I would recommend to everyone who has experienced or is still doing so the rollercoaster ride that is growing up and living without anyone to hold your hand in haruko best way that haruki murakami padurea norvegiana know how. It’s by no means just a love story. View all 55 comments.

Norwegian Wood

Another song, another trip. The book doesn’t fix a fist down the void and widen it.

Of course, there are some weird sex scenes and a lot of penis talk, but my previous experience and hearsay otherwise have prepared me for that. I was in a period of transition but after reading his books, I realize I am always in a period of transition.

jaruki And I think I stand by that after some thinking. The story is set in thriving Tokyo and also shifts location to a relaxed mountainous retreat. The folks in this book might as well be dishonored samurai. And his scenes are truly sensual.

She lost both a sister and her boyfriend Kizuki, and now she is half pdurea, half afraid of starting a relationship with Toru.

You just sway along this journey, along with Murakami. Norwegian Wood is not what I expected. It is slow but life can still be beautiful. But how does someone love another who has barely any self to love?

I loved all the characters. Nobody makes anything that will last, other than perhaps themselves and the relationships that are able to survive into adulthood. The way fine whiskey dissolves your blurry past and sharpens the most heartfelt memories. She sometimes lies to cover her vulnerabilities, but overall she is a brave soldier who refuses to take the easy way out that damn suicide fascination so many people in the novel manifest.


Norvrgiana even though this one is a highly character driven book, but somehow the concepts of death and life and the constant tug of war between the two will keep the readers pondering deeply on such subjects and their value in our lives.



This edition kept the two-volume division of the original Japanese version and its color scheme—the first volume having a red cover, the second green the first UK edition in also kept this division and appearance. Wikiquote has quotations related to: I believe in you. This Story is on one side a story of misadventure and a melancholic exploration of adolescent love and another side a thought-provoking and poignant study of memory, morality and mortality. Anyway, I found Tore Watanabe easy to relate to and this made it easier for me to ignore some of the less convincing aspects of his character, like his political apathy pdaurea his social success despite his self-confessed introvert nature, not to mention his slightly promiscuous sexual emancipation.

As his friend Reiko says in another context: Like Dickens, Murakami fuels his potboiler with death of the innocent. Sogni, ideali, progetti magari folli, irrealistici: Toru also befriends padurfa very intelligent boy from university, Nagasawa, his exact opposite in terms of ambition and motivation.

Nothing marked its perimeter — no fence, no stone curb at least not one that rose above ground level.