Over the course of thirty years, Hermann Samuel Reimarus () secretly drafted what would become the most thorough attack on revelation to date. REIMARUS, HERMANN SAMUEL (–), German theologian and philosopher. Son of a scholar, grandson of a clergyman, student and son-in-law of J. A. Whilst Hermann Samuel Reimarus has justly received a chapter in the history of biblical criticism, he has lacked a dedicated treatment of his.

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Reimarus also offered a novel treatment of the life of Jesus.


New International Encyclopedia 1st ed. Natural religion, he contended, lays the ground for Christianity. Thank You for Your Contribution! Seldom has there been a hate so eloquent, so lofty a scorn; but then it is seldom that a work has been written in the just consciousness of so absolute a superiority to contemporary opinion.

For this popular uprising, however, He waited in vain. No erudition can supply the place of this historical instinct, but erudition sometimes serves a useful purpose, inasmuch as it produces in its possessors the pleasing belief that they are historians, and thus secures their services for the cause of history.

They had seen that the preaching of the Kingdom of God will keep a man. In all its work the thesis is ignored or obscured that Jesus, as a historical personality, is to be regarded, not as the founder of a new religion, but as the final product of the eschatological and apocalyptic thought of Late Judaism.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

In truth they are at best merely doing the preliminary spade-work of history, collecting for a future historian the dry bones of fact, from which, with szmuel aid of his natural gift, he can recall the past to life.


Miracles are at variance with the divine purpose; without miracles there could be no revelation.

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Published by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John. Hermann Samuel Reimarusborn Dec. Convinced that the fateful moment had arrived, he disregarded the scruples of Reimarus’ family and the objections of Nicolai and Mendelssohn, and, though inwardly trembling for that which he himself held sacred, he flung the torch with his own hand.

Jesus had never said a word to them about His dying and rising again, otherwise they would not have so played the coward at His death, nor have been so astonished at His “resurrection.

His duties were light; and he employed his leisure in the study of philology samkel, mathematicsphilosophyhistorypolitical economyscience and natural historyfor which he made large collections. Published by Oxford University Press. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

Reimarus, Hermann Samuel |

Revelation is at odds with reason and must be displaced. The parables do not enlighten us, for they presuppose a knowledge of the conception. More often, however, the way in which erudition seeks to serve history is by suppressing historical discoveries as long as possible, and leading out into the field to oppose the one true view an army of possibilities. Natural religion, he believed, replaces Christianity. Only those who carry the teachings of the catechism back into the preaching of the Jewish Messiah will arrive at the idea that He was the founder of a new religion.

That Jesus effected cures, which in the eyes of His contemporaries were miraculous, is not to be denied.


Hermann Samuel Reimarus – Wikiquote

In the first place the genuineness of the command to baptize in Matt. The second time, He thought to bring about the decisive issue in Jerusalem. Next Hermann von Helmholtz. He recognised that the introduction of the historical element would transform and deepen rationalism. Edited by Robert Volk. The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:.

The first time was when He was sending out the disciples and said to them: Twice He be- lieved that it was near at hand.

Publicly, Reimarus argued that the demands of a natural religion of reason only and those of Christianity agree with or complement one another. PP5, at Google Books2nd ed. His idea of revelation, and his conception of the Person of Jesus, were much deeper than those of the Fragmentist. His house was the center of the highest culture of Hamburg; and a monument of his influence in that reimarud still remains in the Haus der patriotischen Gesellschaftwhere the learned and artistic societies partly founded by him still meet.

The original manuscript is in the Hamburg town library. Reimarux only a single miracle had been publicly, convincingly, undeniably, performed by Jesus before all the people on one of the great days of the Feast, such is human nature that all the people would at once have nocked to His standard.