Chalazion and hordeolum are similar in appearance and often confused. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. May;83(5) Author(s):: Colm . A hordeolum is a common disorder of the eyelid. It is an acute focal infection ( usually staphylococcal) involving either the glands of Zeis. An acute infection (usually staphylococcal) can involve the sebaceous secretions in the glands of Zeis (external hordeolum, or stye) or the meibomian glands.

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The primary outcome for this review was the proportion of participants with complete resolution of hordeolum seven days after diagnosis.

After the titles and abstracts were screened, six references were classified as being potentially horddeolum. The seven-day period for resolution was selected because most cases of hordeolum resolve on their own at between one and two weeks. CCT of participants ohrdeolum infection of the anterior portion of the eye. Rubin S, Hallagan L. The study authors concluded that no evidence suggested differences in pain score, mass size, or duration of cure between groups.

We included only studies of patients with acute internal hordeolum. See other articles in Yordeolum that cite the published article. Controlled clinical trials would be useful in determining which interventions are effective for the treatment of acute internal hordeolum.

Characteristics of excluded studies [ordered by study ID]. Blepharitis, hordeola, and chalazia. All patients received clindamycin.


Conversely, comparing the effectiveness and safety of all available interventions, to determine which may be most beneficial to the individual, is also important. Laboratory and clinical evaluation of clindamycin.

Hordeolum is a common, painful inflammation of the iournal margin that is usually caused by bacterial infection. A journql antibiotic may be prescribed in conjunction with warm compresses Diegel ; Lebensohn ; Lederman ; Panicharoen ; Wald Participants randomly assigned to injection with triamcinolone or incision and curettage.

Interventions for acute internal hordeolum

Japanese Journal of Antibiotics. RCT of participants with chalazia, defined as chronic inflammation of the meibomian glands. The infection affects the oil glands in the eyelid and results in a lump. RCT of participants with hordeolum randomly assigned to wrist-ankle acupuncture or oral ofloxacin plus topical chloramphenicol.

Interventions for acute internal hordeolum

We will set the response time at six weeks and will document any communications with study authors. Most cases of internal hordeolum resolve on their own; therefore people with hordeolum often do not seek professional medical treatment Olson To minimize bias during the process of selecting studies for this review, two review authors screened the references from the electronic search and independently classified them for inclusion or exclusion. Counts and rate data We will summarize counts and rate data in rate ratios when the event is rare, and as continuous outcome data when the event is more common.

All participants received topical minocycline Hatano Not population of interest: Gentamicin sulfate in external eye infections.


Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Even with these considerations, controlled clinical trials would be useful in determining which interventions are effective for hordeolun treatment of acute internal hordeolum. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Acute internal hordeolum is a common disease experienced by a wide population. RCT of participants with hordeolum randomly assigned to acupuncture plus bloodletting of the ear or sham therapy. Designing electronic search strategies: We did not find any evidence for or against the effectiveness of nonsurgical interventions for the treatment of hordeolum.

Data were not reported separately for hordeolum cases Mathew Not population of interest: Staphylococcal hodreolum in general practice. Treatment of chalazions ohrdeolum injection of a steroid suspension. Data were not reported separately for hordeolum cases.

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Heated compresses are typically employed for five to 10 minutes several times a day until the hordeolum is resolved. Inclusion and exclusion were determined by using the definition of the disease given in the full text article. Antibiotics can be administered locally at the site of infection or may be given systemically. Treatment with kenalog injections was compared with incision and curettage. Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand.