The same shortcuts that help physicians save lives can also lead to grave errors. Jerome Groopman on the psychology of diagnosis. In this very engaging and well-researched book, Jerome Groopman, a practicing oncologist with expertise in AIDS-related malignancies. In the hands of Jerome Groopman, professor of medicine at Harvard and One of the messages of “How Doctors Think” is that patients need to.

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How does a doctor think when he is forced to improvise, when confronted with a problem for which there is little or no precedent?

How Doctors Think – Wikipedia

The beauty of this book is that Groopman clearly listens. Informed jeroke is necessary, sometimes it helps the patient to make decision by themselves. If you’re interested in the medical field at all or perhaps have had an illness that resisted easy diagnosisI definitely recommend it. Another strength is the focus on self-awareness.

Patients and their loved thinl can aid even the most seasoned physician avoid errors in thinking. But Anne’s health continued to deteriorate, and the past twelve months had been the most miserable of her life. But the symptoms continued. In such cases — the kinds of cases where we most need a discerning doctor — algorithms discourage physicians from thinking independently and creatively.

House ain’t got nothing on Groopman 1 3 Apr 11, Medicine is, at its core, an uncertain science. The book begins with a description of a woman with abdominal symptoms who for years was diagnosed with a series of functional and mental disorders, including bulimia.

You can manage this and all other alerts in My Account. But Groopman well illustrates this point through research, rhink and personal experience–including his own as both doctor and patient.


He is so thoughtful and humble and insightful!

‘How Doctors Think’

dkctors However, life is not always so simple. Salem’s question reminded Groopman of his experiences with physicians at the Phillips House of the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospitalwhere he trained as a resident in the s. If How Doctors Think has one limitation, it is that Groopman tends to assume that wrong decisions were necessarily “bad” decisions.

There are primary care physicians in every hospital who speak with great sensitivity and concern, and their longtime patients love them, but clinically they are incompetent–how is a patient to know this?

Your wife is a physician and female. He also seemed to fix on the little loose stool that remained in her rectum. It’s called How Doctors Thinkk.

How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

This book is not without its occasional gems – I like the idea that “the perfect is the enemy of the good” in reference to managing patient outcomes pre- and post-surgery Ch. She was taking anti-nausea medication that had greatly reduced the frequency of her vomiting but did not help the diarrhea. I have a medically fragile son and several times by polite questioning, discussion or slowing down the pace of interventions my husband and I have managed to swerve his treatment enough to target it towards his best needs.

Health care providers tend to be controlling, and when we are given a The Patient: Not only was she seized by intense nausea and the urge to vomit, but recently she had severe intestinal cramps and diarrhea.

Why did a second doctor quickly conclude that Blanche Begaye suffered from aspirin toxicity, while her first doctor mistakenly diagnosed viral pneumonia? It then illustrates this with a bunch of stories of touching stories of First of all, I should say that I’m a doc. He touches on how drug and insurance companies pressure doctors as he explores their influence via big drug company sales representatives. The society has a lot to learn from doctors to understand that lies cannot be made up, its crucial to share all info even if repeating the story is highly needed, and that they should cut some slack for the doctor that is already under tremendous stress when dealing with more than 5 patients a day.


Each needs to keep an eye on a neutral shore where flags are planted to warn of perilous emotional currents”.

Are different forms of thinking more or less prevalent among the different specialties? Oct 09, Andrew Griffith rated it really liked it. Doctors tend to ignore or minimize the importance of emotions in their thinking, mistakenly believing that feelings don’t influence clinical judgment.

I would have liked him to have written more about the influence of insurance companies, an area barely touched on, and about finances. Groopman details attribution error in the case of an unkempt seventy-three-year-old patient with alcohol on his breath. Groopman also introduces many unresolved contradictions throughout the book. Have other family members suffered from this symptom? Something was profoundly wrong with the way they were learning to solve clinical puzzles and care for people.