by. Jeremy Silman. · Rating details · ratings · 42 reviews. How to Reassess Your Chess is the popular step-by-step course that will create a marked. The Reassess Your Chess Workbook; Jeremy Silman; pages; Siles Press, The definitive answer to my title line would be welcomed. The snarky side of my mind says the reason there are x editions of the book is Silman wants to make money. This is not evil, but really you only need one of the .

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I can understand a point from a chapter title and even see that a game is a good example of such a theme, but without the proper explanation my actual ability isn’t increased at all.

Book Review: How To Reassess Your Chess –

This is my second favourite chess book, the other being Recognizing Your Opponent’s Resources: It’s a bit hard to summarize this without basically recounting the entire book, but I’ll try to give you a feel for it by way of example. Sign up using Facebook.

I’ve gone through the workbook for the second edition. To ask other readers questions about How to Reassess Your Chessplease sign up. The core of the Workbook consists of problems, of them set in the opening, Middlegame, or ending. I have and like his endgame book. This is a big part of the book – So what the position tells you, not what it suits you best.

Silman himself has told me that for instruction of his target audience, he thinks a very clear and easily assimilable message is needed–this comes from his extensive teaching experience.


Thanks for the input. No trivia or quizzes yet. Is there another book you would recommend reading instead? How to Reassess Your Chess: Hundreds of games brought to life by instruction-rich prose, and stories that offer humor while highlighting various lessons, vividly illustrate all sulman book’s topics in a manner that’s both personal and fun. His output ranges from technical theoretical works to books for the beginner and average player.


Are these improvisations or just parts? Reassexs they are packed full of good advice, the thinking technique he proposes is unrealistic, in my opinion. There isn’t much that is original, but the packaging is good. Use the message the moderators link if your posts or comments don’t appear, or for help with any administrative matters. This book is huge, but it is worthful to be read from cover to cover, specially with the very easy to read often humourous style.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Personally I’ve only read the first and third, but I can’t imagine the fourth is much different.

Most amateurs go always in the hunt of opponent’s monarch, when in master’s games much of the struggle involves important squares usually weak, central ones of the board. Target Consciousness Visualize the main weakness of your opponent and jersmy position, and go for it!

To quote the end of his review: This book isn’t entirely devoid of tactics, though. For instance, the f This is a great book, but not one that you should read, this is a book that should be studied.

Example games are only useful if they are carefully explained. Many of the ideas are in algebraic chess notation, and unless you are particularly good at visualizing the board, you should probably have one handy.


The Concept of imbalances Describes the main imbalances. Chesd, I should note that this book shows every sign of having required a gargantuan effort from the author. Forget about all that: Last time I checked I was ratedI keep hearing that this book is for people higher ranked than me and I was wondering why this is.

You can read his opinion of it here. He does say it’s one of the best books out there, just that like My System it often gets recommended before it can do a lot of good. Whatever your mastery, you can nibble crumbs of know-how and insight useful in any level of competition.

Jun 30, Justin Tran rated it it was amazing. This imprecision of language makes the learning process difficult and frustrating. Now we get down to the real nitty-gritty: When you are developed and your opponent’s king is still in the middle, this silmna raise a huge neon sign in front of you.

If you can only get one book to improve your game, this one is it. Guardian Chess Book of the Year When I was a weaker player, I loved it. Reasdess 11, globulon rated it did not like it Shelves: It opened jeermy eyes to aspects of the game to which I previously had been oblivious. Chess Tactics For Champions. If you are around USCF ratingthen probably it will be suitable for you. It was a joy to work through and I can now start his other books!