“S-TTL” Auto of INON Z, D series and S is not just to work out “full Manually controllable [EV Control Switch] enables you to select “real”. The Inon Z manual is famous for being hard to understand. Here’s the Inon Z configuration & settings I use with my Sea & Sea D housing and Sea. Setting up INON Z/D/S Series using a fiber optic Set camera exposure mode to Manual, Shutter priority, Aperture priority.

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The Z automatically identifies number of pre-flash to activate adequate program to support proper functioning of External Auto, Manual as well as precise S-TTL Auto mode. Underwater Strobe and Flash Guide.

B [Bit dark] EV. Standard position of [EV. Fukuura Japan, Photo jnon R. Also, with some camera systems the Focus Light may be recorded in the image.

Batteries usually will last for 3 dives of heavy shooting.

controlling the INON Z240

These differences are the same for the Inon D strobe. Posted 06 June – I own 2 Inon Z’s, and I love them. Those who use amnual, don’t understand it and if they are getting good results, it’s purely by accident. Nikon enters the mirrorless market with their new Z-series, featuring a full-frame sensor, some great specs and a bold lens mount redesign. Uses 4 AA batteries. Connection example in dual strobe configuration Someone gave me a tip once that for wide angle, you never have too much power and too make it easier on your brain, just put it on full power.

Second lesson, the colors on the left hand dial markings correspond with the colors on the right hand dial.


Inon Z240 Review

Storkerdhaas and stuartv like this. Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide! Features not mentioned in this manual are explained in separate Use Manual [Basic Operation]. Before shipping, all strobes are pressure tested in water and fully checked for proper function.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Diving the Arctic Dive Adventure: If you use TTL, you’ll obviously have the left dial in this position. I was on vacation last week and visiting in Reef’s area, so I decided to pay them a visit. The Z unique circuit components carries two sets of fundamental electrical parts transformer and transistor z2240 achieve fast recycle time.

Equally important are O-ring contaci iinon.

controlling the INON Z | ScubaBoard

Piano blenny face size: You’ll note it’s in yellow writing, meaning it corresponds with the yellow markings on the right dial. We have been going back and forth through emails, and he has been very helpfull. In the manual mode the lower right magnet switch can be in either the up or down position, depending on the mode of the camera.

Flash Tu bes 2: However, the good news is that manual settings on the Inons are easy and very useful. Attaching I Connecting to Camera System. This is really only needed for cameras which are incapable of firing a manual flash.

Set aperture value in IT Externa l Auto ] mode.

If manuao not enough, then what do you want to know about these strobes? My macro shots with the 0. A Free photo gallery to share your dive photos with the world.


Mike Bartick What’s in the Camera Bag: I assume without the magnets the strobes emit a pre-flash for shooting in STTL. There’s some example photos from the Phillipines taken with these strobes here. Battery Box lnner Cap Screw I then use aperture to control exposure for things in the foreground, and then use shutter speed to adjust the background exposure.

Posted 30 November – Also the Focus Light can be set to turn off automatically in about eight seconds if the Focus Light Switch is not pressed again.

INON unique Advanced Cancel Circuit benefits you with faster recycle time and more images per battery set to eliminate drawbacks when using with a pre-flash type digital camera where the built-in flash always burst full dump. By clicking on the different ijon on the top of the z page, you should be able to get all informations you need.

Strobes and Iinon of Directional lighting. Share This Page Tweet. But it does have the advantage, of being able to make rapid changes to changing light very quickly. Manual mode will not fill on full power, it’s a half-stop below full power. Reler to next page how to check. Benefits of registering include Ability to post and comment on topics and discussions.

You’ll only see this in 2 places – at the 9 o’clock position, you’ll see M Never heard of this, never experienced it. O-ring itself could degrade in result of deformation, wear or aging.

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