INSIDE APPLE reveals the secret systems, tactics and leadership Adam Lashinsky provides readers with a golden ticket to step inside. I have just finished reading Adam Lashinsky’s latest book,. Inside Apple, which takes readers behind the tightly-controlled scenes of Apple. In Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works, Adam Lashinsky, a senior editor at Fortune.

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Everything was for Steve and ultimately credited to Steve. After four chapters are we seeing notable characteristics? It was a revolutionary phone; it was the Internet in your pocket; and it was the best iPod we’d ever created.

Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky on Apple Books

They also share this mindset with the actual jobs staff members perform. I understood already that they want to keep secrets from people like me. Instead of being promoted and trying to climb up the corporate ladder, Apple employees are hired to do what they do best —and only lashindky. The only new information is about Apple University, and that information was already published as a Kindle Single months ago.

Another Valley engineer inisde in a regular poker game with a team of Apple employees. Apple failed plenty of times before, including during the second reign of Steve Jobs.

Instead of two or three people working on something, one name goes down and is responsiblefor it. My advice, buy it cheap, read it fast and move on. He made incredible accomplishments in four areas: The creative side of the business that was dominated by Steve Jobs is made up of lifers or near lifers who value only an Apple way of doing things—hardly the typical creative mind-set.

People that follow tech news – sorry, “technology wonks” – think that Apple’s computers are “less-than-perfect” and have limited “mechanical design” but these “same critics” say that Apple’s products are “still better than anyone else’s”?

All you can surmise is that a new, highly secretive project is under way, and you are not in the know. Authors briefly discussed what Apple may do better without Jobs and what Apple could not emulate without Jobs.

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The hallmarks of the Apple product message are, as with so much at Apple, simplicity and clarity. Some report being shocked at the unwillingness of employees to leave their guests unattended for even a few moments in the cafeteria. Apple created an elaborate and unnerving system to enforce internal secrecy. The book is available on Amazon, at your local Barnes and Noble, and the iBookstore. Apple does a very good job of not letting its competitors know what it is working on, and Apple does a very good job of not confusing customers by causing them to anticipate what the next new thing is going to be and then lsahinsky those customers not to buy the products that are on the shelves now.

There is innside obvious kind, the secrecy that Apple uses as a way of keeping its products and practices hidden from competitors and the rest of the outside world.

Its public image, at least seen through its advertising, is whimsical and fun, yet its internal demeanor is cheerless and nose-to-the-grindstone. Apple definitely does make money, but their goal is to make great products. Why single out any computer manufacturer?

This Is How Apple Keeps the Secrets

Talking about money is frowned upon at Apple. A few things Lashinsky says about Apple: Apple has an entrepreneurial flair yet keeps its people in a tightly controlled box, following time-tested procedures. Where that could be a good thing, I feel like this was also a bad part about the book too. Certain chapters do pertain to Tim Cook and other Apple execs, but Steve Jobs was always the backbone of the company. Just think corporate anal retentive excessively orderly and fussy. Jan 24, Derek Choi rated it it was ok.

Tim Cook and Jony Ive also made significant contributions to Apple. Inside Apple is a short read about pages that provides several peeks behind the thick veil of secrecy Apple keeps between itself and the outside world.


The author gives an excellent analysis of what Apple has been and poses thoughtful questions as to what it may be. There were still surprises with this announcement. For example, their secrecy will become more and more difficult over time, and I suspect they will try an intelligent approach to adapting to that difficulty rather than just trying to hold things off as long as possible.

He played around with some facts that I know for sure are wrong. By Adam Lashinsky January 18, However if you can take the author out and focus on the news and inside stories told about Apple – which he doesn’t cite most of their references – you wi It’s really easy now to see why this book has low rating. As the author is a senior editor with Fortune Magazine and frequent contributor on Fox News business shows who has written about Apple in the past, I’m sure he had his sources.

This was my sequel after reading Steve jobs by Walter Isaacson well this explained “who is Steve? Ultimately I found the content of the book engaging, because Apple is a company that interests me but I wasn’t blown away.

The book was griping if I might call it so, because it is really an account of Apple from various standpoints, but the writing makes it like a journey of knowing Apple, and Steve Jobs, as well as the the executives it speaks about. I thought it would be rare to have so many a ha moments with all of the reading about Apple I have done since the early 80s, but also the dealings I have had with Apple.

Much of the orientation is standard big-company stuff: So far so good. One More Thing ‘Nuff said. Steve Jobs—who was uninterested in discussing money—took a nuanced view of the subject of happiness and enjoyment at Apple.