Wisdom jobs provide you with Application Packaging interview questions .. What Is The Latest Version Of Wise Package Studio & Install Shield Admin Studio ?. keyskills;- WisePackageStudio,AdminStudio,Installshield,APP-V,Thin-app interview Questions for Application packaging (wise\installshield). Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | Free Practice Test | Free Sample InstallShield.

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Typically, this flag is used when a reboot is required, such as for a DLL or OCX registration, or for cleaning up a setup or an uninstall. The list of windows installer benefits are as follows:. It waits for the custom action to complete successfully before continuing the main installation. For more information on applying actions to real-time data at the server level, see the book Using Tracking Server.

Each of these tables contains specific instructions and setup related information. How to install files on the system using WiseScript?

What is Source Resiliency? The questilns would copy the.

How to install only one particular feature intsallshield the Installation through Command line? It is purely based on the need. Microsoft systems management server SMS. It is also called Command Line shortcuts.

Installshield interview questions- need answers

When an Adminsstudio application is launched by clicking on an advertised shortcut or file type associationWindows Installer checks the existence of key path items. No two MSI files that are not identical copies of each other should ever have the same package code, even if they install different versions of the same product.


What Is Installation On Demand? What Is Active Directory? Usually, these files are available in binary files which are provided by the developers, they are packaged from a package.

Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions

Customize Applications to suit the user needs. What Is Wrapper Msi? The user can choose to run-from-source when he installs and the installer uses most of the product’s file directly from the network. The application repackaging is a process where it captures all the changes that are done by the installation program in the first instance. Name Few Msi Packaging Tools?

The Best Packaging And Virtualization Interview Questions [UPDATED]

Upgrade is a process of updating the earlier versions of a Windows Installer setup package i. If FBA processes this key, it does so after every logon, not during first boot as it normally would. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world.

Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. It is one and only place which is used to store information about the Windows OS hardware and software related information. What is the use of MSI Assembly tables? Don’t tell someone to read the manual. Hello All, Please provide answers to the following installshield qns: It is used when your application requires installation of components such as files or registry keys on a per-user adminstuxio, but application has intervieq advertised entry points or other triggers to initiate the installation process.


Note that if there are multiple features then it will not check the missing key paths of the other features, but only the feature of which the advertised shortcut is launched. What Is A Msi?

Applications can detect common installation problems at launch, like missing files or registry keys, and automatically repair themselves. This technology helps to reduce the total cost of the organization to manage the Infrastructure. The end user does not directly interact with components. When this action is executed the installer calls the actions in the AdminExecuteSequence and AdminUISequence tables to perform the administrative installation.

Typically, this flag is used to load Systray applications, launch services in executables, hide autostart applications, or hide background processes.