Athena [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the internationally acclaimed author of The Book of Evidence and Ghosts. Athena () is a novel by John Banville, the third in a series that started with The Book of Evidence and continued with Ghosts. In it a woman steps out of her. Frederick Busch. Los Angeles Times – 02 July In his 10th novel, John Banville returns to the protagonist of his eighth (“The Book of Evidence”), a sad.

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I guess what has bothered me about the book, and what gives it the air of an academic exercise, is that Banville has tremendous literary talents that might very well not stem from or have any connection to his inner life or overall vision of earthly experience. Books by John Banville. banvi,le

The Word Made Flesh : ATHENA, By John Banville (Knopf: $22; pp.) – latimes

Aug 19, Peggy Aylsworth rated it really liked it Shelves: It is unclear what the purpose of this story is. This is the last novel in a trilogy that includes Aghena of Evidence and Ghosts. Why should this interest me? But his most significant relationship is with A—an erotic obsession that escalates through physical passion into some of the darker reaches of sexuality; these sections are among the best in the book, because at least they use the realities of flesh to anchor vagaries of feeling.

But something was missing. The images linger, like being surprised that a hand pressed that lightly into skin can leave such a mark.


Freddie is a victim of his own ill deeds, a narsissitic, dark and isolated person. Banville owes at least some nominal debt to Nabokov’s Lolita for his portrait of Freddie’s self-destruction under the thrall of A.

Nov 05, Catherine O’Sullivan rated it it was ok Shelves: Jun 19, Lisa rated it liked it. Banville has undoubted cratsmanship in his prose, and here manages to strike a better balance with storytelling, though as malevolent as Freddie was, this reader yearned jihn him to emerge from behind the shadow of the more guilless Morrow.

John Banville is one of my favorite authors. Banville’s had better days.

But I wanted to get away from my family. Its bland watercolor portrait is the polar opposite of Banville’s highly-wrought style, and its subject totally lacks the fascination of the erotic earth-spirit in the book.

Athena (novel) – Wikipedia

If you admire verbal legerdemain and have a liking for Mannerism or the Atena, certainly give the book a try. Beautiful writing as I would expect from Banville, but tough to follow the plot, the relationships between the characters, and what is real versus what the narrator believes is real. Or maybe you just can’t see very well.

Here, he seems to be an art forger.


But now his wordplay amuses less; his characters’ psychological fixes appear contrived; his modernism, mannered. Do Not Touch because something “harrowing” takes place within, the characters are at “loose ends. A semi-crooked man with a shady past who narrates our story is recruited by even shadier people to authenticate some paintings they have stashed away and are probably not planning on selling to the local gallery.


In fact, sometimes he comes across as having made it his life’s goal to make us aware of just how many words exist in the English language, and how they can be used in a sentence.

Jan 25, Avd.

Trivia About Athena The Fredd Return to Book Page. Images of you, of my doomy rescuer whom I shall banviole Athena or simply Aof art, of misconstrued childhood embarrassments, not of mine perhaps but rather of my nearly forgotten or spontaneously invented son, thick with the sibilance of rain and a humorless detective-inspector named Ganville, dance before me like a bad Shakespearean metaphor.

The Word Made Flesh: Banville’s unreliable and self-deprecating first-person narrator is a treat who, despite most of his confessions coming atjena, fills parts of this novel with pleasant surprises. To understand the plot a bit better, it helps to know t I read this book many years ago, and since I could not remember a thing about it, I decided to re-read it.

However, there is a fairly thin line between “marvelously descriptive” and “tediously overwritten”. And if this mistress-muse is a literary confection, so are the other characters: His father worked in a garage and died when Banville was in his early thirties; his mother was a housewife.