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I vacillated myself on the grade for this book, changing it down, then kimberlyy, back down and up again. Biff obsolete steppers su unico deseo kimberly killion pdf mews mother closer. Because, this was not what I was expecting.

Su único deseo – Kimberly Killion • BookLikes (ISBN)

Aug 08, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: The prisoner grabs Lizbeth and they flee. Short quickie read, with just enough heat to warm those tootsies.

Or only the first of those who would capture them? I requested this title from the library and recommend you do the same.

Aug 09, Liliana rated it liked it Shelves: A single raven follows them. This happened several ,illion. There is no turning England Astride a stolen horse, encircled by the shackled arms of Broderick Maxwell, a Scottish spy escaping certain death in the Tower of London, Lizbeth Ives rides to the north, hidden by the darkness.

Availability All In stock 9. A woman that did not belong to him but his brother, who is now dead because of Lizbeth’s father the Lord High Executioner. Im Kerker der Sehnsucht Kimberly Killion. Those bastards keep throwing twists and curves that you thought the bad guys might win one time, so I had to give the author props for that. Jan 20, Samantha rated it it was amazing.

Zauber der Highlands Kimberly Killion. Because if a conspiracy was afoot who would benefit She is initially described as religious, shy, timid, and easily cowed then she turns into this seductress, bold, su unico deseo kimberly killion, too easy to jump into physical pleasure. Too many around him have a secret agenda and seek to force their will upon the Laird.


I wasn’t expecting such a hot scene. Kimbeerly thought about it and still don’t understand. Even if this was true to the times, for book su unico deseo kimberly killion unico deseo kimberly killion this sucks. So I admit, some of my rating is reader bias and expectations, but overall I am giving this 3 stars, because I am betting this is just the right book for someone else. Everyone has fears and hers added to her character. She was warm and strong at the same time. For a novella, I thought Kimberly did a great job in ensuring equal parts plot and smut.

While this story ends dramatically, fast paced, and high action; I must say that the general feeling after finishing was confused, with a lot of questions. Though frightened, she is compelled to save innocent Broc from su unico deseo sy killion death.

Domar a un Highlander by Kimberly Killion

I went through high school reading only historical romance novels so yeah. The scar issue was the best part for me! The horse scene-the picture I had in my head was Broc and Jillion were astride the horse both su unico deseo kimberly killion front with her before him.

Broderick goes after her all the way kil,ion England to save her nephews only to find out that they are dead. Feb 22, Daphne Marzana rated it it was amazing Shelves: But he is kimbrly interested in the older one so he tries but all he gets is NO as an answer. There are many twists and turns oimberly stops and starts in the story, but desep does finally end with an HEA for our intrepid hero and heroine.

I kjllion been wanting to read it for some time so I decided to buy it and overall, because it wasn’t too bad, I don’t regret that decision. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Trivia About Taming a Highland Filter your search Keyword. Furthermore in this same vein, how could Edlynn, an auld blind woman of no rank or position be able to give the King medicine not just once but repeatedly? Is it an omen? I guess I just wanted more writing and the ability for the story to develop better which would require at least unicl twenty pages.


She is initially described as religious, shy, timid, and easily cowed then she turns into this seductress, bold, wanton, too easy to jump into physical pleasure.

To choose between two such stunning sisters as Vanna and Effie, to be his Lady Sutherland, should be simplicity itself. Hope this review helps.

This was set in or somewhere mear that time. If she really was giving medicine to the king, why was she not with the King?

Cenaida rated it it was amazing Mar 14, The author ssu give us some interesting historical information and offers up a different answer to the two dead children in ‘the Tower’ of London. I disliked that the book started with a threesome Magnus and two maids and then Magnus had sex with Vanna, Effies sister. Refresh and try again. I thought it was interesting to have a main character with OCD counting.

With Brodericks help she can become better and enjoy life more.

Domar a un Highlander

They get married and he then leaves to give the papers to the king of Scotland. If she was truly in a position to give the King medicine why did she live in a cottage with no attendants ,etc? I allowed ye to touch my heart.