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In a word, I feel an interior state of anguish and pain unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

As founder of a work it is easier for him to approach bishops, priests and people, and also in his own institute, announce the Kingdom of my Will. For seventeen years, their spiritual friendship grew ever stronger, as we will see, until the day of his birth into heaven on June 1,which is the day the Pope selected for his liturgical feast day. The consideration that we are dealing with 25, copies of the entire work, of the whole set of volumes, present and future, so it will cost millions of liras.

It is Jesus Christ who is speaking. There will not be any rolls, or rules, nor dues or moral obligations.

Luisa Piccarreta – Hannibal Mary Di Francia, apostle of the Divine Will

But afterwards, the deception was discovered. Since the Pious Union does have any rule, persons of any walk of life can belong to it: The gift of the Divine Will is that gift which makes puisa possible for the creature to return to the order, to its place, and to the purpose for which it was created by God.

With the help of the Lord, we will print hundreds of thousands of membership certificates. Di Francia, who has shown so much interest in the publication of everything concerning my Will? When Blessed Hannibal had already been appointed ecclesiastic censor of the Archdiocese of Trani, he writes:. It is given, just to please adorable Jesus more, to give him greater glory, to obtain your sanctification and the good piccarrega souls.


And even though he found himself in the midst of a war with the devil, he continued to persevere, especially in his interior. We have selected a few paragraphs to show how the Divine Will made its way in his soul. And so, we can truly say he was one of the first sons if the Divine Will and consequently one of the first apostles of the Divine Will. A lay brother has been watching over me most patiently every night at my bedside, and he prays the prayers of the Divine Will for me.

Enlaces de la Santa Sede.

This science of the Divine Will is lofty, and yet these writings dictated by heaven present the doctrine in all its purity and clearness. In fact, he was providentially appointed not only spiritual director in all matters concerning her writings and their publication, but their ecclesiastical censor as well, as we see by what follows:.

It is the word of uncreated Wisdom, and just one word is worth more than the whole universe. From the following paragraphs of his, we can appreciate his immense interest, and the extremes to which Saint Hannibal went.

And shortly afterward he gave out a cry of joy, which also penetrated heaven and earth, and Jesus told you that he was so happy because he saw the sons of the Divine Will appearing in the world.

In the following paragraph, we can see how far the devil went to try to keep these sublime writings on the Divine Will from being published:. Well, now ask our Lord with faith and love, that you might at least work the miracle of returning my health to me. Indeed, Luisa diina always totally faithful to this obedience, even though it often cost her great deal as we can read in a number of places in her writings because she had to write intimate things concerning herself.



Your counsels and suggestions fill me with consolation, but I am still a child in this great science of the Divine Will. His life had been completely transformed.

Documentos de la Iglesia. One of the best-remembered episodes, according to a number of witnesses, was the time that St. You should have never begun it. It will be organized in the simplest of ways: He answered; it is the good God who is working.

Afterwards, I went into the sacristy and signed the Nihil Obstat with the authority given me by his Excellency, the Archbishop of Trani, when he appointed me ecclesiastic censor of his three dioceses. In all this, I also seem to see that God is permitting everything to purify my soul in a very singular way, maybe precisely because of the great task of the publication of your writings.

This is what he wrote a short time before dying:. And I asked myself: With all this you can clearly comprehend how everything has been Will of God, and that in all things concerning your writings, both present and future, you are subject to my exclusive obedience.

Temas sobre la vida y la familia 5.

La Divina Voluntad y Luisa Piccarreta

Who viluntad whom our Lord will make use of? The infernal enemy put a thought into my mind: Who can resist the Divine Will? El Don de la Divina Voluntad.

According to me, there is no human intelligence that could have conceived them. I ask you this, for these nineteen volumes that I want to publish. Why did you ever get involved in this? I hope to send you the first pages soon, for you to see.