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Quotations The holiness of God is not to be conceived of as one attribute among others; it is, rather, a general term representing the conception of His consummate perfection and total glory. When I dishonor God I dishonor all of mankind who bears His image. Sproil trust these resources will fuel that flame for your continued study of God.

Reflect upon your relationship with God and list those descriptive words that commu- nicate your heartfelt response to Him. This is the most exalted title that the Old Testament uses for God. Justification rests solely and completely on the righteousness of Christ. Define each word; distinguish each from the other and show the interplay of each by using specific examples from your own life.

Do you agree or disagree? Can you identify with either type of experience? At the same sprou, justice and grace, wrath and mercy. Isaiah was dips into as many santidwd as any fallen egg.

Is it fair to infer from this passage that God hates all sin? Write out the statements where this word occurs.


We fear God because He is different. The impact of this series can be so profoundly life-changing that a desire for additional teaching on the character of God and the Christian life often results.

By my sin Sanitdad hurt human beings. Draw upon what you discovered about the doctrine of man in the previous lesson as you read Romans 3: The Meaning of Holiness 51 c.

Each lesson concludes with several suggestions for practical imple- mentation of the truths gained from the study.

Chapter Contents People learn through a variety of means. How would you answer the charge that the punishment was too severe for the crime? Based on the teaching of Job Harper and Row, Quotations No attribute of God is more dreadful to sinners than His holiness. A third encounter with the holiness of Christ is recorded in Revelation 1: This is made most clear in the 23rd chapter of Matthew, where Jesus pronounces oracles of doom woe upon the Pharisees.

Is it some- thing we just trust God to work in us, or is it a result of our own personal diligence and striving after holiness?

VIVIENDO POR FE .: R.C Sproul – [La importancia de la santidad] | Santidad de Dios. | Pinterest

He describes his condition as being undone. It is very suit- able for any small group study Sunday schools, home Bible studies, discipleship groups, etc.

Who is the agent of this transforming process? Would the masses do that today?

Calaméo – La Santidad De Dios. por el Dr. Rc Sproul

Godliness has a somewhat broader meaning than holiness, but holiness would certainly be a major part of godliness. It will challenge you—and I pray the church—to a life-changing awareness of the majesty of God. Analyze the following Scripture passages and explain how they reinforce the truth expressed in 2 Corinthians 3: How does the secondary meaning apply to God?

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The lesson summary is followed by specific, measurable learning objectives which identify particular results to be gained from the chapter.

We experience a gradual recognition of our own corrup- tion. God poured out His wrath on this obscene thing.

The eyes of Isaiah were opened to see the real Speoul of the nation.

R. C. Sproul – Heraldos del Evangelio

This series of lectures by R. In this Bible study we will look at a number of passages in Isaiah in which God is referred to as holy or as the Holy One. To what extent should we confess our sin?

We despise His very existence and would do anything in our power to rid the universe srpoul His holy presence. He took what justice demanded from us. The goal of each series is to sufficiently interact with the material until the impli- cations and applications become evident.

In his book, The Holiness of God, R. When he finds out who God is, he sees more clearly who he is.