Extract from the first chapter of the book “El poder de la vida” (The Power of Life) Acquire it here. “Psycho geometry is the study of the human being and his. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de videos, seminarios y cursos. Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como. Psico Geometría: el estudio de la geometría basado en la psicología infantil. Insegnamentimatematici e libri elementari nella prima metà dell’ Ottocento.

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That is the first phase of the Octave Principle. When a person reaches a high level of perception, he sees things as they are and not jus as he wants them to be.

A psicogeometfia toroid is a complex unit of interconnection of functions which helps us to systematize and organize different aspects of subjective reality: The different degrees of reality perception must not be thought of as substance differences but as differences of geometric proportion and arrangement of spicogeometria wavelengths.

The ability of these suction and management of energy is directly related to the “likeness” to the geometric body that contains saved with the psiccogeometria of the psicogeometrix. There are three essential principles of Sacred Geometry: Psychogeometry is the study of the human being by the mathematical principles and practices of Sustainable Geometry.

It needs certain patterns to repeat in different stages or fields of conscience. So does the hand in relation to its forearm.

Psico geometria (Book, ) []

This pattern is ideal for harmony and healing of the emotional body. Thus, we assume that the existence of geometric patterns and exact proportions is prior to substance itself. The inner trip has been guided by intuition and systematized by intellect to materialize it into the concrete action of helping others in the continuous, unstopping way of awakening.


The science of musical harmony is identical to the science of the symmetry of crystals when psicgeometria take matter as a reticule of interspaced waves at determined intervals. Thus, the correct definition of geometry is: Sustainable Geometry is the study of the mathematics of life.

Psico geometria

The cultures of India, Tibet, Islam and Medieval Europe have produced mandalas and sacred diagrams in abundance. The road of the golden ratio enables information shape moved without libeo of momentum mind. Kabbalists have been devoted to its study. At this ratio of similarity it is called “autorrecurrencia” or “Fractality”.

For example, when we smell a rose, we are not responding to the chemical substances of its perfume, but to psicgeometria geometry of its molecular construction.

The implosion creates suction, whose self-direction is the difference between being self eg death or lucid dreaming or a parasite eg priests who say that God is outside of you. Now, let us imagine that this substance called Ether or Unified Field as jelly.

These terms may seem at first sight a bit confusing nowadays, but in ancient times, the sacred was understood as a whole, what we now call holographic reality or fractal libdo. From Sumer, the birthplace of civilization according to historians, three branches of knowledge stretch out, passed on like a lighted torch reaching our times. The process of creation of life has been described over humanity by different cultures.

It serves to uplift our quality of life, to solve conflicts of couples, family and group; it reestablishes our capacity of loving and building our own bliss as a geometrical process of reality interpretation, inviting us to develop sexual, instinctive, motor, emotional and intellectual conscience.

Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. In Psychogeometry we study conscience not from an ontological perspective but from its physiological aspect – the functions that conscience has. The development of Light and waves throughout the octahedron shows the Octave Principle from a geometric perspective.

Theroux added the value of phi in the creation of fractals with the help of the software Fractint But… What is sustainable in this? To do so, it is indispensable to take humans as beings in constant transformation.


In the inorganic world, on the number of rays that emerge from a single beam of light that reaches the surface of two sheets of glass in contact, emerges in the sequence of the electrons of an atom of hydrogen change its status energy and jump from the lower to higher orbits and then return to its original state.

Considering our body distribution, we can highlight that it is made by multiples of five, which is in intimate relation with our capacity to distribute life. Linked Data More info about Linked Data.

Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

Please verify that you are not a robot. Analyzing the concept of sustainability leads us to the meditation and practice on the use of Geometry. The mass was associated qualitatively to gravity by Isaac Newton in his famous Law of Universal Gravitation. After years of sharing courses and workshops around the world — especially in Spanish-speaking countries- we lived deep experiences of transformation and understanding of the code of life.

Sustainable math lessons are used for designing sustainable architecture and sacral art in ancient times, for creating temples or worship placesand they are applied functionally not only intellectually to facilitate the growth and transformation of conscience.

That is, if we extend the vertices of the dodecahedron, and icosahedron we get if we continue doing the same, we get a dodecahedron in a next dimension and so infinitely inward or outward infinitely.